Masters of Change

Growth Strategies

Masters Of Change, Episode 4: Feras Jalbout, Founder And CEO, Baraka

Dive into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship with Episode 4 of Masters of Change featuring Feras Jalbout, founder and CEO of Baraka, an investment platform that provides educational content and access to regional investment opportunities.


Masters Of Change, Episode 3: Enzo Amur, Associate Founder, MetaPlayerOne

Step into the world of innovation with Masters of Change, a series by Entrepreneur Middle East that delves into the stories and strategies of entrepreneurs steering some of the most inventive companies in the Middle East.

Starting a Business

Masters Of Change, Episode 2: URBI Deputy CEO Mohammed Al Beloushi

Mohammed Al Beloushi is the Deputy CEO of URBI, a revolutionary geo-platform that empowers businesses with cutting-edge spatial analytics technology.

Growth Strategies

Masters Of Change, Episode 1: PayTabs CEO Abdulaziz Al Jouf

Abdulaziz Al Jouf is the founder and CEO of PayTabs, one of the leading fintech companies in the MENA region.