Aaron Jourden

Senior Research Manager (Global), Technomic, Inc.


Aaron has spent the past 10 years helping Technomic clients and partners better understand the competitive landscape and areas of growth opportunity in the global foodservice industry. He currently contributes content, research and analysis to Technomic’s Global Foodservice Planning Program, a comprehensive program that delivers key insights, strategies and trends for chain operators, manufacturers, distributors and other food service companies.

He also creates custom global research projects and reports that help clients make informed decisions about their businesses.  



How Millennial Will Shape Future of Restaurants in the Philippines

These heavy restaurant users demand convenience, like trying new foods and want more delivery, research shows

News and Trends

What Malaysians Want to Eat

Consumer reliance on food service favours more than just local cuisine, new research shows


What Singaporeans Are Eating, and When

Over 90 per cent of residents visit a restaurant or other food service outlet at least once a week, well above the global average, shows research

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