Fahad Moti Khan

Co-founder, T9L

Fahad Moti Khan, a college drop out at the age of eighteen, is an industry veteran, thought leader, global speaker and a renowned mentor who inspires and empowers startup ideas and concepts to become established brands, igniting real results for your business success.

After working with several corporates in the technology space he incubated, founded, funded, advised and validated new business ideas. At the age of 25, he established India’s first Startup Studio Technology 9 Labs, an Information Technology and Services company. His focus with T9L is to build scalable businesses and make startups predictable by identifying the common failure metrics and equipping the entrepreneurs with the right tools to combat the chances of failure.  He has been able to turn T9L into a million dollar services startup by following his vision and focus to assist startups in their growth strategy with the right ideas to market with a near perfect track record.

Since T9L, Fahad has founded and mentored dozens of startups some of which are well-known brands in the local startups ecosystem including BitGiving, CrownIt, Docquity, BroEx, Gigstart, Pluss, Crescent Rating, HalalTrip, FastFox and RupeePower. He has also founded BitGifting.com, Facebook integrated group-gifting platform in association with Visa and RBL where a Visa gift card was the redemption instrument which is now India’s best known crowdfunding platforms.



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