Gaayathri Periasami

Founder, Baby Peppers


Gaayathri is the Australia-based founder and creator of Baby Peppers, an ethical and sustainable business specializing in heritage techniques and slow fashion while invested in making a social change.



'Rejection' Is Nothing More Than Social Constructionism

The hard, solid definition of 'rejection' is that it is simply a noun; it is just a thing. It doesn't have any seriousness attached to it. 'Rejection' is no more important than say a bus or a car, or an umbrella.

Starting a Business

The Importance of Being Visible

The only way to cut through the clutter and noise of your competition is to make yourself relevant


5 Things You Need to Ditch to Create the Life You Desire

First of all, stop chasing perfection

Growth Strategies

Why You Should Make this Year Data-driven

A data-driven approach is the best one to keep the sail of businesses afloat. Here's how businesses can target their focus-audience and tell alluring stories by using data


6 Simple Ways to Lift Yourself Out of a Business Rut

Every loss you encounter allows negativity and stagnation to creep in but it also gives a chance to look and work at things from a fresh perspective

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