Kazu Takiguchi

CEO-founder, Creadits


Kazu is founder and CEO of Creadits, a single global marketplace for advertising talent, using a unified currency--Creadits. Creadits are used globally to acquire anything required to start advertising - graphic design, video shoots, writing, campaign management, training, even data.  



Lessons to be learned from the Asian Digital Ad Industry

In a modern and culturally diverse society, content in ads should not be taken lightly

News and Trends

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Each company will need to identify what it is they need and match that with their budget. Quality and efficiency are the key


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Why Gap Between Have and Have-nots is Closing in Asian Advertising

While the number of ad tech providers continues to grow in number, a large portion has already been replaced by freely available tools from tech giants Facebook and Google

Starting a Business

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Eighty out of the world's top 100 tech firms have operations in the city and are increasing their investments


How to Crack the Asian Ad Industry

Businesses must make an effort to stay updated despite geographic distance and time zone differences

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