Quentin Herbrecht

CEO, Markchain

Quentin Herbrecht is the CEO of Markchain, a well-known marketing & PR company for blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, having accompanied more than 50 renowned projects to date. An entrepreneur, advisor and professor about blockchain and marketing, he also shares his expertise at conferences worldwide and sometimes in articles on various media outlets including Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific.



A Crypto Exchange Without Limitations

WhiteBIT markets itself as a licenced crypto exchange with features for professional traders with its consistent and all-round customer service which caters for the needs of its growing users on a 24 x7 basis


This Cryptocurrency Company is Reducing Volatility and Increasing Adoption Of Blockchain

Babel Finance is actively working towards making available traditional financial market instruments, players and systems available to the cryptocurrency market


This Eco-Friendly Duvet Maker Announce $500,000 In Seed Funding

As part of its early initiative to deliver environment-friendly products, Vesta has announced $500,000 in seed funding


This Cryptocurrency Is Primed to Disrupt Crypto Trading as We Know It

According to Adam Todd, CEO and founder of the newly-launched Digitex Futures, its native cryptocurrency DGTX is primed to disrupt crypto trading as we know it

Social Media

The Blockchain Way To Monetize Your Social Media Posts

Brands are particularly attentive to the best elements of their community, those who relay their values, products and services and often engage professional influencers to create content and engage with the brand.

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