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This Eco-Friendly Duvet Maker Announce $500,000 In Seed Funding As part of its early initiative to deliver environment-friendly products, Vesta has announced $500,000 in seed funding

By Quentin Herbrecht

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Quentin Herbrecht
Quentin Herbrecht

With the current environmental challenges faced by the world, there's never been a more important time to collectively become aware of how each and every one of us contributes to the planet—as an individual, as a business or even as a consumer. Popularly termed as "green consumerism', consumers of the new world are combining their intentions and actions—by evaluating brands according to their green footprints and consciously supporting sustainable brands like Vesta. Vesta is a fast-growing "direct to consumer' sleepwear brand that aims to be a household name in the textile industry and a popular sleepwear brand that produces all of its products from silk, well-designed for the perfect bedtime experience.

The duvet maker was founded by CEO and founder Gee Gu and cofounder Andy Xu who were the faces of the renowned robotic company Vincross. An AI-enabled company that engineered six-legged robots used for a variety of applications such as search and rescue. Their intellectual and technological prowess is the foundation on which Vesta eco-friendly designed duvet is founded.

Vesta has sealed a $500,000 seed funding round with K2 Venture Capital (K2VC) which will aid the further development of the company as the company strives in meeting the homely comfort of individuals and families around the world. The duvet is innovatively designed to give the best experience in response to the environmental condition at a given point in time.

As a society, we have collectively understood the damage done by our "throw-away' culture. To minimize the effects, "woke' consumers are now using brands that use sustainable raw materials. By design, the inside of the duvet is made of silk to bring maximum comfort while the exterior shell of the duvet is made of bamboo. This self-regulates during summer and winter—providing warmth that keeps you from over sweating and also lowers down the temperature and prevents you from extreme lower weather conditions.

As people experience extreme weather conditions at different times of the year, the thermo-regulating silk-filled duvet provides the most desired sleeping condition for people all over the world, ensuring that the temperatures remain fixed at 32 degrees centigrade. This is an example of how sustainability and quality can go hand-in-hand.

A study showed that some consumers perceive the "green' products to be more expensive. With the advent of widespread technology and research, that is changing. To reduce costs, Vesta directly goes to the consumer and remove the middlemen to offer transparent pricing and best value to the consumers.

But in addition to this, with the additional margins that Vesta is able to take away from this business model, they're giving back 10 per cent of their profits to the craftsmen and craftswomen who are responsible for sourcing and creating the silk. Thus completing the sustainability paradigm of giving back to the society.

Vesta silk duvet is coming at a time where the fabric market is already experiencing exponential growth in market shares. The market is projected to reach $1.23 trillion by 2025 expanding at a CAGR of 4.24 per cent. Seizing this opportunity to serve the ever-expanding demand of home-owners is a well-thought-out strategy for Vesta.

How Vesta Silk Duvet Enforces An Ambient Temperature For Bedtime Comfort

One of the most valuable times in people's life is when they retire to bed to regain lost energy expended during the day's activities. Sound sleep would probably be a nightmare if the immediate surrounding environment is extremely hot or extremely cold. Taking this into cognizance, Vesta duvet is perfectly designed to provide the ambient temperature requirement in response to the surrounding weather condition.

Practically, the duvet soaks in any moisture and heat if you begin to feel hot and start sweating, thereby stabilizing the temperature to a much bearable condition. As one begins to feel cold or extremely dry, the duvet discharges moisture and heat to destabilize the temperature and provide comfort for the individual.

Everything about Vesta design is unique and eco-friendly down to its packaging. The duvet is packaged in a nature-friendly material that resonates with the company's goal to ensure a conservative environment. The packaging is shaped in a basket-like manner and the interior is made from fabric sackcloth that is easily reusable and recyclable.

The packaging can be used for other household functions such as a simple shopping cart or a storage basket. The idea is to make sure the packaging is designed in such a manner that makes it useful for other household functions even after the duvet has been shipped. Unarguably, the eco-friendly duvet marker is setting precedence in the textile industry with its innovative silk product.

Quentin Herbrecht

CEO, Markchain

Quentin Herbrecht is the CEO of Markchain, a well-known marketing & PR company for blockchain and cryptocurrency firms, having accompanied more than 50 renowned projects to date. An entrepreneur, advisor and professor about blockchain and marketing, he also shares his expertise at conferences worldwide and sometimes in articles on various media outlets including Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific.
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