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10 CEOs To Watch Out For In 2023 They are the ones who have the power to turn dreams into reality, and they are the ones that set the stage for the future of the corporate world

By Ritesh Roy

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When it comes to the business world, CEOs are the ones who make or break a company. They are the ones who have the power to turn dreams into reality, and they are the ones that set the stage for the future of the corporate world. The year 2023 is sure to be an exciting year for the business world, and there are 10 CEOs to watch out for.

Steve Wiideman

Steve is the CEO of Wiideman Consulting Group, specializing in strategic planning for multi-location and franchise SEO campaigns, Steve Wiideman, of Wiideman Consulting Group, considers himself a scientist and practitioner of local and e-commerce search engine optimization and paid search advertising.

In addition to running a fast-growing digital marketing podcast, Unbottleneck, he is co-author of SEO: Strategy & Skills, a college textbook and courseware through Stukent, which has been adopted by over 35 universities in the United States. As an adjunct professor, he designed and teaches 10 digital marketing courses between UCSD, CSUF, and Fullerton College.

Wiideman has played a role in the inbound successes of brands that have included Disney, Linksys, Belkin, Public Storage, Honda, Skechers, Applebee's, IHOP, Jollibee, Dole, and others, with emphasis on strategy, planning, and campaign oversight. It's estimated that Wiideman Consulting Group manages the search engine optimization strategy for 35% of the top 10 restaurant chains in the world.

Wiideman was recognized as his industry's MVP and recently earned a Web Excellence Award for research performed in the local digital marketing space. He is a force to be reckoned with, having brought in Co-Founder Will Pemble to help manage his growing consultancy while he continues to innovate, write, and teach on the ever-changing industry of search engine optimization.

Graeme Moore

Graeme is the Head of Tokenization at the Polymesh Association, a not-for-profit entity based in Switzerland for the purpose of promoting and developing the Polymesh blockchain and ecosystem. Polymesh is the premier institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, and fractional real estate.

Graeme's journey to entrepreneurship began with brand-deals on Vine and picked up when he discovered Bitcoin. His knack for helping people buy and safely store crypto inspired him to write the first-ever ABC book about Bitcoin, B is for Bitcoin (available on Amazon). The book enables readers to learn their ABCs while also learning about global, transnational, borderless, censorship-resistant, permissionless, and digital money.

Graeme joined Polymath, a company dedicated to bringing regulated financial assets to blockchain, as the first employee in 2017. After leading marketing efforts as well as contributing to product development, business, and customer support, he became a founding member of the Polymesh Association in 2022.

In addition to Polymesh, Graeme is an advisory board member of RedSwan, a marketplace for tokenized commercial real estate. He's also been the creative director at Spartan Race; an associate at Canada's largest independent investment advisory firm; and an analyst at one of the world's largest real estate brokerages.

James Berdigans

James Berdigans was bitten by the entrepreneur bug early on. He knew he wanted to run a business when he was just a teenager, which led to a number of failed ventures. As is often the case, one of these failings resulted in the business that really put him on the map. Frustrated by the cost of holding boxes and boxes of unsold inventory for his computer accessories eCommerce store, James and his two co-founders set up Printify to solve the question - Why can't businesses make products that they'd already sold?

Established in 2015, Printify connects anyone with an internet connection to more than 100 of the world's best product providers. Anyone can register for free and instantly create their own online business. Printify's unique technology allows creators to add designs to over 800 products, connect to their website or marketplace listing, and then sit back as everything is made and shipped around the world on-demand.

So far, millions have signed up to create independent brands with niche designs loved by millennials and Gen-Z alike. James is of course delighted that so many people no longer encounter the same problem that forced his own company out of business over a decade ago. Despite both the retail and eCommerce industries suffering since the pandemic, Printify continues to grow at a healthy pace with more than 600 employees and offices in Riga, Estonia, and the US.

Ben Spielberg

As the CEO and Founder of TMS & Brain Health, Ben Spielberg has developed an unparalleled model in the world of mental health care clinics, specializing in evidence-based programs for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Spielberg's business, first based in Los Angeles California, was among the first clinics of its kind to integrate neuromodulation and psychedelic medicine with psychiatry, experiencing successful treatment results among patients who had failed traditional mental health treatments. Spielberg's model emphasizes a comprehensive, personalized approach to mental health. These treatment centers boast revolutionary therapeutic modalities such as Ketamine Therapy, Esketamine Nasal Spray (Spravato), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and IOP, as well as traditional psychiatry services.

With an impressive background in neuroscience research from Columbia University, Spielberg observed how TMS interacts with the brain. According to Spielberg, "TMS is so unique and promising because of its ability to change the brain without medication, with little to no side effects, and with results that last for years. Our clinical results show how powerful the combination of TMS, psychedelic medicine, and intensive therapeutic programs can be. Patients who haven't benefitted from traditional antidepressants or therapy finally have real, effective, and accessible options for healing."

Spielberg spent a lot of time building a world-class team of mental health professionals diverse in backgrounds and expertise. The result is a clinical environment that's well-poised to meet the unique needs and challenges that each patient may bring to their care. He explains the philosophy that's bolstered his growth this year, "There's no 'one size fits all' solution for mental health disorders. Every person we see has different needs and a different story, so it all depends on recognizing that and determining what will help the individual heal—whether that be a series of ketamine infusions or admittance into an intensive outpatient program."

Spielberg has been expanding TMS & Brain Health's brand into markets outside of California, such as Nevada and Arizona, but he also has even wider prospects on the horizon for 2023. As the mental health treatment space continues to change and become more important, Ben Spielberg will be one CEO to watch with interest.

Joel Birch

Joel is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Path, an SEC registered RIA platform designed to bring crypto investing tools and education to mainstream audiences. Launched in April 2020, Path has raised over $40 million in venture funding and will soon launch the industry's first risk adjusted crypto portfolios. Prior to co-founding Path, Birch spent five years at GrubHub, a successful technology start-up in Chicago, where he developed and implemented an innovative training program for the company's sales team.

Birch has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Once a homeless immigrant as a young child, Birch got his start as an entrepreneur launching a drop-shipping business at age 17 as sites like eBay were gaining traction. A self-described "tech nerd," Birch dropped out of college multiple times to focus on various business ventures before finally completing his bachelor's degree from Penn State in order to join GrubHub and "infiltrate the tech scene," as he puts it.

Despite facing significant challenges in his early life, Birch has persevered and achieved success in the tech industry. He is now leading the charge at Path Crypto, working to bring innovative investing tools and education to mainstream audiences and building on the company's already impressive track record.

Samantha Middleton
Samantha, Utopia's Orange County Branch CEO. Samantha Middleton has been in the property management industry for over a decade and oversees Utopia Management's Orange County branch. Utopia, a family-owned business, since 1994 has provided property management services and is investing in its Orange County operations under Middleton's leadership.

Middleton and her team are motivated that, with proper entrepreneurship training and expertise in the Orange County real estate and rental market, they'll be able to continue expanding Utopia as a dominant player in the area. Utopia Management started as a small company in San Diego County, but has since expanded to other locations, such as Orange County. The company attributes its success to its focus on growth in specific areas and its commitment to providing exceptional levels of care and attention to its clients. According to Middleton, "We recruit all our staff members for their professionalism, integrity, and dedication to putting the needs of our clients first". With a service-first philosophy in mind, as well as a focus on leveraging technology for marketing and management, Middleton's operation is poised to succeed. Utopia's online rental listings attract thousands of potential renters each month, no doubt largely thanks to Middleton's leadership.

As Branch Manager, Middleton assists in partnering investors and owners with qualified tenants throughout California. In an effort to deliver the highest standard of service, she strives to provide the freedom clients are looking for when hiring a management company. Her goal at Utopia is to create and maintain a team that achieves financial success for clients' properties. As an experienced leader in the space of property management and real estate, Samantha has a bright year ahead in 2023.

Dev Pragad

Dev is the CEO of iconic American media brand, Newsweek, and is responsible for its turnaround from what was once a struggling news magazine to a 100-million strong global readership which is the highest in its Newsweek's history. Dev helped Newsweek revive its legacy as a bearer for modern responsible journalism, workplace equality and inclusivity. Prior to Newsweek, Dev ran the UK edition of International Business Times, part of IBT Media.

After successfully managing Newsweek's International edition from London in 2014, Pragad became CEO in 2016, and later joint owner in 2018. "Newsweek's rise over the years is a fascinating story," says Dev Pragad. "I thought we could build on that. But to do it, we had to restart the brand. And that was a tremendous, and tremendously exciting, challenge.

Dev Pragad believes that successful leaders today are not only purpose driven, but maintain a sense of opportunity and champion change. They continuously strive for self-improvement, and work to develop and empower those around them by building successful teams.

Gavin Bambury

Gavin Bambury is widely known as a seasoned professional in the foreign exchange industry who knows everything there is to know about financial technology and the trading business. He is OANDA's chief executive officer and an executive director of the OANDA board. In his highly experienced career, Gavin has been in charge of several of the world's top financial institutions, such as Citibank, Deutsche Bank, ION Trading, and, most recently, Integral Development Corporation.

OANDA was created by Dr. Michael Stumm and Dr. Richard Olsen, two university professors who recognized they had a passion for financial technology. The company was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing consumers and institutions with transparent and accessible trading solutions. OANDA is a pioneer in fintech and a market leader in online trading and cryptocurrency exchange. Because of their unique approach to technology and finance, OANDA is one of the most respected and successful firms in the industry.

Gavin's leadership has played an important role in OANDA's success as a global forex and CFD trading platform. With a keen understanding of traders' and investors' needs, which has resulted in the development of innovative products and services that have helped OANDA establish itself as an industry leader.

Gavin Bambury is also a strong supporter of transparency, ethics, and compliance in the financial industry, which has contributed to OANDA's reputation as a trustworthy and respected brand. He is a leader in his field, and people know him for his great leadership skills and strategic vision.

Sam Browne

Sam Browne is the CEO of and a serial entrepreneur who has quickly become one of the most popular creators in the entrepreneur space on LinkedIn, with a following of nearly 50,000 founders, CEOs and marketers globally. Findaband is a live music agency he founded in 2008. Bootstrapping with the money he won on a gameshow; Browne built the agency from nothing to a 7-figure business that dominates in its niche.

Findaband's secret sauce draws on Browne's personal experience as a musician. He recorded two albums with rock band Black River Drive, hitting the #1 position in the New Zealand rock charts with his song Bullet for your Gun. Findaband invests heavily in every artist on the platform, booking recording sessions, video shoots and professional photography to create premium content that positions the brand well above their competitors.

He subsequently built wedding marketplace Auckland Weddings, and venue marketplace New Zealand Venues, creating an SEO ecosystem where every site is the market leader in its respective space. He is currently working on an investment SaaS which will give ordinary investors the tools to trade like Wall Street.

Sathish Shanmugam

Sathish Shanmugam, CEO of and was the Weasley twins from Harry Potter at his school. Becoming an entrepreneur was something he knew he wanted to become right when he was a little kid selling the latest pokemon cards and candies to my classmates.

Starting as an SEO consultant a decade ago, he helped hundreds of small business drive results and worked with companies like Hotstar, Salesforce, Foodpanda, and Marriott marquis.

He is also the founder of, an enterprise B2B SaaS business. This project is currently in the beta testing and pre-revenue stage.

He is also the CEO of Graphically, a leading graphic design company that offers a dedicated graphics designer for a flat fee. His primary focus is on robust revenue growth strategies, building the company's customer base, and working closely with an incredibly bright group of fanatically devoted people to create brilliant designs.

He also manages a team of forty-five and handles client acquisition for a boutique casino marketing company that primarily deals in growth hacking for casino and igaming verticals. When he is not working, you can find him drinking tea at a local chai joint or rambling about crypto projects that never took off.

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