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Following Passion Systematically To Build a Successful Career How Cody Vaujin strategically combined his passions in maths and sports to get recognition as a leader of his industry

By Karina Owen

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Cody Vaujin
Cody Vaujin

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you," famously said Oprah Winfrey.

Passion helps us to not just find the right thing, but to find the right thing for us. It defines not just how much we work for our goals, but how much we love working towards our goals. You can only succeed in a field where you are willing to put your heart, mind and body completely. As Barabara Corcoran said, "You cannot fake passion." Thus, emotional investment is sacred for an entrepreneur's motivation and inspiration. Following our passion can, however, be a tricky task. It requires tact, will as well as top skills. Passion is nevertheless, a good place to begin the entrepreneurial journey.

However, not all passions metamorphose into successful careers as it is. A lot of us dreamt of being astronauts but there are only a handful of people who make the cut. We thus need to brainstorm various ways through which we can turn passion into income. It does not have to be a direct conversion or application of our skills. It should just be something which we are "happy' to do. There are various ways in which we can live the dream.

Honing your skills

According to author Malcom Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of "deliberate practice" to become a master at something. Though there are premises and assumptions to it, we can safely say that practice is a step towards perfection. And don't just focus on one skill, focus on complimentary skills and building a package for yourself that gives an advantage to you in this industry. A lot of people will be good in one skill but will a lot of people be good in the various permutations and combinations of skills that you may train yourself into?

Sharing your knowledge

Passing on the torch of wisdom brings purpose into our lives. It provides the opportunity to enable, encourage and promote other people towards success. There is wonderful freedom and grace in contributing to the execution of passion of other people. You can share your knowledge by writing blogs, making videos, writing books, etc. You can also be an investor or a consultant to have a more direct impact.

Stepping outside your comfort zone

Following your passion does not mean living in a bubble. You have to work on your weaknesses to succeed in any business. There should always be room for self-introspection, growth and learning experiences. Don't be afraid to try new things and leap out of the comfort zone. One major factor for disruption in the industry is ditching the traditional ways and taking some risks. Discomfort is often seen as a sign of growing. You can start really small to try more vivid things but never let yourself get too comfortable in your own skin.

Overcoming roadblocks

There will be a lot of factors that will deter you from following your dreams. They may be emotional or infrastructural. Pressure from the family or peers, negativity, demotivation, etc., might be the emotional roadblocks that can be overcome through focusing on your goals and aligning the actions. Infrastructural roadblocks like financial constraints, geographical limitations, economical conditions, etc., might be tricky. Coping up with them shall require persistence, as well as flexibility.

Footsteps of Cody Vaujin

One such example of passion is Cody Vaujin. It was his dream to pursue a career in baseball, but when a career-ending injury at 16 turned him to his second passion, math. In 2013, Vaujin began going to the University of Arizona where he began studying quantitative analysis and statistics. Although he could not play competitive sports anymore, he knew he wanted to materialize a career in which he could combine his two passions. One of the most significant subcultures of sports is betting, which is where individuals will predict the outcome of a game or play, then place wagers.

As an adult, his passions led Vaujin to join a sports handicapping contest, where participants predict and quantify a sports match's results. Out of the 100-plus other big names in the sports industry who entered, Vaujin ended up winning first place through his analytical skills. Soon after his big win, he started getting recognition in the industry. He would receive 50-100 texts daily from people around the world asking for his advice on sports investment. After claiming to win millions in profit for himself, he had an increasing desire to help others to beat their bookies and come out with a significant profit. He began by creating an Instagram account, @CodyCoverSpreads, and scaled it in record time. He wakes up early every morning and spends 3-5 hours on studying the picks for the day. He has a patented Systems Pay Bank Roll Strategy to hedge bets and make returns which he uses to suggest best picks for his clients. Vaujin says that he has consulted many famous people like Bob Menery, Benjamin Kickz, Chad Tepper, Kristen Handby and LeeJack.

Stepping outside of his comfort zone of maths and sports, Vaujin has been single-handedly running his business through Instagram for the last four years, and has grown his following to over 300,000. Approximately 50,000 people reached out to him, but he selected a few thousands so that he doesn't become overwhelmed, and his work remains top-notch. By running his account himself, he builds a strong connection with each individual as he guides them and stays in touch personally.

Even during the roadblock of pandemic, Vaujin diversified into Korean baseball and covered it consistently due to the large bets people would place. The level of effort Vaujin puts into his sports consulting business is what sets him apart from the competition. His clients have given him the title of the GOAT of sports betting thanks to his premier advice.

For the future, he hopes to eventually create a documentary surrounding his story and how he managed to build a business that brings in millions in revenue. For now, however, you can find Vaujin on his Instagram, @CodyCoverSpreads, where he engages with followers daily and consistently posts updates and information on sports betting

An avid mentor and investor for young entrepreneurs building a brand in the lifestyle and entertainment sector.



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