Motivated By Example: Way To Success By Being Inspired By Stories of Other Entrepreneurs Luca Valori achieved success driven by a strong mentality and the inspiration of leading entrepreneurs

By Paloma Rosario

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Luca Valori
Luca Valori

Finding in other people a reference or a point of inspiration is very common these days, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. Nowadays, it is possible to frequently find in the networks, testimonies, and stories of hundreds of people who have succeeded in working hard to achieve their purposes in life.

This represents a very positive aspect, even more, when those who find these stories are people with a successful mentality and spirit of entrepreneurship. Such is the case of Luca Valori.

Since he was a child, Valori dreamed of becoming a great entrepreneur, succeeding and maintaining a lifestyle that would allow him to enjoy his work and freedom. So, as soon as he had the opportunity, he started working for his dreams.

The motivation he needed to dare to step out of his comfort zone and start on the path to his goals, he found in different stories of entrepreneurs who, like him, have had a humble life, but, who have learned the meaning of hard work and have applied it in every aspect of their lives to achieve success.

"If they could do it, so could I," was Valori's thought as he learned about other entrepreneurs whose beginnings were not easy. And since then, the goal of being a successful entrepreneur has not left his mind. After hard work, effort, dedication, and preparation, Valori has achieved much of his purpose.

He is now recognized as an expert in digital marketing and e-commerce. He is co-founder of several brands and stands out in the dropshipping business, achieving millions of dollars in sales on the Web.

Be Inspired By The Best

For Valori, motivation is an essential element in an entrepreneurial path. This will be the engine that day by day drives a person in the continuity of his journey to the goal. Even more so, when times become complex due to the presence of obstacles.

Therefore, he points out that finding inspiration in people who have achieved something significant from their work, is the best way to find that impulse to move forward.

In his case, it was exactly this process that motivated him in the beginning. To see the possibility of going after his purposes if he worked hard for them. Learning from the most famous international experts, he found the inspiration needed to move forward on his path.

Determination Over All Things

While motivation is an essential element, a determination is the main complement to it. Being focused on a goal, to the point of deciding to overcome all existing barriers to achieving them, is a fundamental aspect. It should be noted that the path of an entrepreneur will never be easy.

Then, having the determination to reach the goal you set from the beginning, is what will keep you focused on the path.

For Valori, determination comes from each person. It is the strength or the drive that you need and that, from the inside, motivates you in your purpose of self-improvement. This is why it is so important. It is not something that you will find along the way, or that other people can give you, but it will depend only on you and your willingness to achieve your goals.

Trust Your Potential

Trust is another distinctive aspect of an entrepreneur's journey. Especially when it comes to self-confidence. If there is something that should not be absent within the environment that runs an entrepreneur is a confidence in their potential.

Believing that it is possible to achieve what he sets out to do, as long as he works to achieve it, will be an essential element in finding the motivation and building the determination necessary to move forward on the journey towards the objectives.

In the case of Valori, the combination of confidence, determination, and motivation has been key in his development as an entrepreneur, since each of these elements has led him to establish himself as a leading expert in social media and e-commerce.

His work and dedication on the path to achieving his goals have given favorable results in many aspects and have allowed him to grow on a large scale in the digital environment.

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