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Oakley Chan: Visionary Entrepreneur Making Waves In The Health Industry Challenged by conventional beliefs of age, Oakley Chan, Founder of Rejuve, a flourishing supplement company, is no stranger to skepticism due to his youth and Asian heritage.

By Sushant Rampuria

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Oakley Chan

Challenged by conventional beliefs of age, Oakley Chan, Founder of Rejuve, a flourishing supplement company, is no stranger to skepticism due to his youth and Asian heritage. Now, as a driving force behind the Rejuve brand, Chan's entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his relentless drive and the power of risk-taking and innovation – proving himself resilient in the face of opposition.

This young innovator represents a new wave of entrepreneurs entering the business world. Still in his 30s, Chan is a trailblazer who dares to dream big, act on instinct, and take risks. Chan's approach to business is defined by his bold decisions, like flying to Dubai on short notice for game-changing meetings. Rewriting the playbook on success, the entrepreneur emphasizes the value of the "70-30 rule," suggesting you make decisions or act when you are 70% certain instead of waiting to be entirely sure. Chan's philosophy underscores the importance of grabbing opportunities that arrive and embracing calculated risks. This mindset distinguishes Chan from other entrepreneurs and has been critical to his success.

Chan's entrepreneurial story is one of perseverance, adaptability, and commitment to excellence. Fresh out of university, the Hong Kong native entered the business world by identifying untapped potential in the Aviation sector. However, this promising venture proved unsuccessful when Chan's potential business partner backed out before the company's launch. Unlike other beginner entrepreneurs, Chan turned this obstacle into a learning experience, a temporary setback that strengthened the innovator's resilience and contributed to his career today.

Adapting to the entrepreneurial business world, Chan swooped into the health and wellness sector, and Rejuve was born. Targeting today's health-conscious consumers, Rejuve is a supplement brand founded on the belief that science-backed NMN supplements are the best way to tackle signs of aging. But Rejuve goes beyond anti-aging; you can be assured that this brand offers the culmination of pioneering research on how to slow down aging at the cellular level.

As the mastermind behind this fast-growing supplement business, Chan took Rejuve to remarkable heights within two years, producing impressive traction and rare profits in the competitive supplement world.

However, Oakley knew he needed to expand to achieve his vision of making Rejuve a globally recognized brand. With determination, Chan set a meeting with Ebraheem Al Samadi from the Netflix series Dubai Bling, and the sparked the big break that Chan was looking for. Chan recognized Ebraheem's potential to fast-track Rejuve's Middle East launch, and with his penchant for risky, bold moves and no guarantee that Ebraheem would even wait, Chan booked a flight to Dubai the next day. After successfully pitching his revolutionary supplement to influential local partners, Chan secured key distribution deals in the Gulf region, staking his claim as an international business.

While Rejuve has made massive strides in the health and wellness industry, Chan isn't done climbing the business ladder though. He envisions taking Rejuve to new heights, planning for global expansion and potentially launching an IPO. But beyond his own business adventures, Chan hopes to inspire and mentor other budding entrepreneurs on their journey to success, sharing his insights, knowledge, and experience to help give back to the next generation of business leaders.

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