This New Leader in Natural Nutrition and Healing is Rising Up

Having started as a business with a humble team working out of a home basement, Yah'ki Awakened LLC is proving that with the right leadership, the sky may truly be the limit

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Many businesses have experienced drastic changes since the start of the pandemic, not all of them good. One business that has seen phenomenal growth both before and after 2020 is Yah'ki Awakened, LLC, a multimillion-dollar holistic health and wellness company that just six short years ago was operating out of a basement.

Company Handout

Yah'ki is a Certified Master Herbalist, Natural Healer, and Holistic Teacher, but what differentiates him from those who provide similar services and consultation is that he also happens to be the founder of Yah'ki Awakened, LLC, a successful business that has more than tripled its revenue in recent years.

While running a company out of a basement and earning $1.3 million in one year is quite remarkable, Yah'ki Awakened saw their sales rise steeply within the first year after converting the company to an LLC and moving to a substantially larger office space. Having taken on a significant number of new hires who possessed the specific skill sets necessary to run the operations for each unit, founder Yah'ki provided the leadership necessary to keep his team on the fast track to success, while maintaining the integrity of the products. This resulted in an impressive annual revenue of $4.2 million, and those numbers show no sign of slowing down.

Yah'ki Awakened LLC was established to provide alternative holistic healing solutions for people who want to change their lives through natural remedies, much as Yah'ki himself did just prior to starting his business. He encourages his followers to improve their physical and spiritual selves, saying, "You can change – your very existence proves that you have a purpose!"

Yah'ki believes that having a diverse executive team promotes a culture and environment that challenges each person and pushes the business forward to achieve its highest potential. "I owe my success to having a strong team made up of individuals who possess skill sets, and backgrounds that differ from my own. Their way of thinking outside of a conventional box is what alternative medicine and holistic healing are essentially about."

Incorporating a diverse group of team members with different thoughts, skill sets, and perspectives collectively allowed far greater success. Yah'ki believes that the type of culture he encourages is integral to the operations of any company. Lastly, diversity can empower a leader with a different outlook, enabling him to offer unique solutions that may not be immediately obvious, which at its core is the key to being a successful entrepreneur.

The inspired range of natural products includes hand-crafted herbal tinctures, oils, and tonics, though Yah'ki Awakened offers its customers so much more – which is quite likely the primary reason for the extraordinary success of this relatively young business in what is currently quite a competitive market space.

Best known for his expertise in herbology, and his ability to use Geo'Genetic Therapy, Yah'ki has shared his knowledge across multiple platforms. He has appeared on a number of nationally syndicated podcasts and conducted seminars across the country, sharing his wisdom with those who are receptive to learning more about self-healing. "I've been able to use my expertise to truly help people discover their own wellness journeys and yield results they didn't think were possible."

The same is true for the broader culture and the community at large. Diversity and understanding the individual customer's needs is an essential component to driving progress, by addressing immediate issues within our communities, and developing sustainable solutions to meet future challenges.

Speaking of the future, it looks very promising for Yah'ki Awakened. In 2023, there are big plans in the works for the release of their series, Food Forensics Investigation, which will be streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, among others. Following that, Yah'ki Awakened Productions LLC is committed to producing Documentaries, Melanated Health Series and Motion Pictures that will empower the community, through his Netflix and multi-streaming platforms distribution deal along with the Yah'ki TV platform.

The next two years will also see the fulfillment of one of the leader's visions: Plans are underway to open two full-service "Healing Homes", in St. Louis and Atlanta. It's anticipated that they will be ready to open the doors of the first Healing Home in mid-to-late 2023, with the other one slated in the first quarter of 2024. Specific dates are to be announced. With all these plans in play, the primary function of Yah'ki Awakened LLC is to continue to share the company's mission of self-healing for all through natural, organic methods.