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7 Ways to Lift up the Employees' Morale Ahead of Holiday Season Here comes the perfect time to allow coworkers to bond with each other in a relaxed and fun-packed environment

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The Diwali week might just have got over, but the Christmas holiday season isn't too far. The upcoming holiday season provides a huge potential for businesses in terms of both profitability and growth. However, employees often slack off towards the year-end as they yearn for some time off with their family and friends. In fact, there is ample research suggesting that employee productivity levels drop significantly between mid-December and the New Year. For business owners, keeping employees motivated ahead of the holiday season is quite a task. The trick is to maintain a balance between workplace celebrations and optimizing efficiency. Let's find out how business leaders can avoid productivity slumps in employees during this period.

Make work the first priority

Since the festive season is an exceptionally busy time for businesses, it's crucial to keep employees focused on their respective tasks. One of the most effective ways to do this is by setting specific, measurable goals for them. Don't hesitate to stress the importance of achieving these goals as employees tend to be more productive when they face a challenge. Ask them to prepare a weekly progress report so you can review their performance and help them achieve their targets if they seem to be faltering. Always remember to recognize individuals/teams if they meet your expectations and especially if they exceed them!

Keep a check on the calendar

With the holiday season comes heavy workload and endless business queries as well as employee demands for some precious time off. Make sure all your employees are aware of the holiday schedule and encourage them to plan time off accordingly and in synchrony with each other. All members of a single team should be aware of who is taking off when or who is covering for whom. Be fair in approving leave and help those whose leave has been declined to understand why you are doing so. If it's because the other person asked for leave earlier or because the individual in question has taken ample leaves during the rest of the year, be open and expressive about these factors to keep things transparent and logical. Motivate your teammates to stay ahead of deadlines to avoid a last-minute rush or a panic situation when people are in the mood to unwind and enjoy.

Decorate the workplace

Decorating the workplace is one of the best ways to give off a cheerful vibe. From arranging the Christmas tree to putting up fairy lights, you can ask your employees to decorate their bays to match the festive spirit. Instead of conventional décor items, encourage them to show off their creativity by using recycled and eco-friendly products. To further elevate the fun factor, company leaders could also host a bay-decoration competition for employees and give small tokens to the winners.

Reward them with bonus

While the concept of bonus is not new, it still remains a hot favourite among employees. In fact, nothing keeps employees more motivated to do their best than holiday bonuses. Instead of offering them some extra cash, you can opt for gifts to let them know they are appreciated. From e-cards to shopping vouchers to food baskets, be generous with the gifts. Customized gifts are also a great way to make your employees feel valued and cherished. If you personalize a gift as per a particular employee's preference, they will feel extremely special and this is likely to enhance their loyalty to you and your business.

Refresh their spirits

The holiday season calls for long working hours. This can take a toll on the physical and psychological well-being of employees. Pull up their spirits by letting them have a small nap break during work hours to re-energize their brain cells. Power naps are also believed to enhance the quality of their work. If budget is not a constraint, provide your employees with chair-massages, spa vouchers and snack bars. You can also take them to dinners and outings following a stressful day at work so that they never feel bogged down.

Let there be holiday spirit

Arrange some special events at the workplace to add to the festive vibe. Exchanging gifts, company-wide potlucks, quizzes are some of the proven ways to boost employee morale without sacrificing their productivity. Bring out the child in them by asking them to participate in popular Christmas games such as Secret Santa, Pictionary, Balloon stomping etc.

Arrange a party

Regardless of whether your employees have met their year-end goals or not, hosting a holiday party at the office is a must. It's the perfect way to allow coworkers to bond with each other in a relaxed and fun-packed environment. The celebrations should reflect your company's distinctive culture and should be inclusive of part-timers, interns and remote workers. A year-end party can go a long way in keeping motivation levels at their peak all through the next year as well.

Happy Holidays!

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda


Chaitanya Ramalingegowda is an entrepreneur and investor, and a Co-founder of, a sleep solutions company. Chaitanya is a mentor at Neotec Hub, the startup accelerator by the Ambuja Neotia group. He has consulted with Fortune 100 companies in the US, Canada, and Europe, and is an MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

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