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What Makes a Successful Business Creator Those with the most successful, inspired businesses have these things in common

By Olivia Townshend

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The relationship between creativity, spirituality and business is highly fascinating. Often one feels as though one's creative mind is fighting with one's more logical, business-fuelled mind. To start one's own business, it could sometimes be good to become obsessed with studying those who are in flow and have created highly profitable businesses, living lives that they absolutely adore. Although this study could be ongoing, it would be safe to add here that those with the most successful, inspired businesses have these things in common:

  • They are doing what they love and focusing on giving real value. They have somehow found a way to help people through activities that they are good at, obsessed with and enjoy doing every single day. Helping people is an important part of this equation — for, if you give people true value through your business offerings, you will see momentum in more clients/sales/opportunity. You must focus on how to help and change the lives of your ideal customer, through doing what you absolutely love.
  • They are authentically themselves in the way they do business — for example they acknowledge the fact that there is only one of them, and this individuality affects every part of their business — even in the subtlest of ways. This means that competition doesn't worry them. If someone was to say "Why are you opening a florist? There are too many florists already, aren't you worried you won't get enough business?"; they would know that their uniqueness will mean that this business is different, and solely theirs.Therefore, if they are in flow along with positivity in their day-to-day business activities,they will attract an audience that matches their unique essence. They will have customers. Regardless of the competition. These people focus only on competing with their prior selves, not with those around them. For, if you are focusing on competition, you are coming from a place of fear and withthatmindset,it will only bring more scarcity. If you focus on doing what you love and being innately yourself through your business,you will attract an abundance of clients and good opportunity.
  • They have some consistent way of presenting themselves to the world—a medium to be visible and make important connections with prospective clients, customers and collaborators. In order to find your perfect customer and build a community of likeminded clientele,they need to know you exist. When you are in flow, you need to communicate and give value to people on a daily basis. If you are consistent with this,your audience will keep building and so will your rewards—both financially and in your heart. Some examples may be:a blog, visually through social media, video journal entries, events, poetry, sharing a piece of design every day, consistent email newsletters on topics that interest you and fire you up.
  • They honour the importance of circulating new energy. When they get stuck in an activity that isn't engaging them,they get up, change to a new desk, go for a walk, head down to the local café, go to a yoga class—anything to get new energy circulating through their body. This is the best way to stay in gear and in a space of inspiration. Change things up. When new energy circulates, new ideas can enter the body.
  • They know their zone of genius. They know what is in alignment for them when it comes to the day-to-day running of their business. If something falls outside of their creative sphere of abilities,they know how to delegate quickly and to the best possible person for the job. They know they can't do everything alone. This makes their business dynamic and keeps it moving forward in a positive way.
  • They surround themselves with likeminded people. They know how important it is to be supercharged with inspiration;and the best way to be inspired and challenged is to be around people who want to grow and learn, and focus on ideas rather than negativity.
  • They are committed to learning. They understand that a business only grows as much as the person who is at the helm;and that entrepreneurship is a forever journey of learning and growing. Mindset work is at the core of any real business success, they know that one must continue to work on their limiting beliefs and internal stories in order to break out of old patterns and charge forward into a vibrant life.
  • They have an ever-improving money mindset. They are aware of the complications most people have around their relationship with money,and how our money mindset needs to be worked out on a daily basis to see any real change.
  • They prioritise health. They know that health and wealth are intrinsically linked—and as one improves, so will the other. Health of the mind, body, spirit and bank account must be prioritised on a daily basis. Incorporating some kind of movement and meditation into one's life has profound transformational benefits.

They build little worlds around their business and see and live life through a creative lens. They are driving their lives and designing their days. They are not living in a victim mindset, but in a mindset of "what if?'

Olivia Townshend

Manager, Studio O


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