Is your Video Content doing Justice to your Brand?

Video is becoming more and more important to branding as demand for engaging content across the social media sphere grows

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Video is becoming more and more important to branding as demand for engaging content across the social media sphere grows. In fact, video is absolutely dominating the social game, according to a recent report, with four of the top six mediums on which global consumers watch videos being social media channels.


To add to this demand, Facebook executives themselves are predicting the popular platform will 'probably' be all-video within the next five years. So, if you haven't yet fully thought through, or even begun to strategise your plans for video, now is the time.

Here are four ways to develop the best videos possible while staying true to your brand:

Keep your Language Consistent

Language and tone play a pivotal role in branding, and this shouldn't change just because you're branching out into video. Look at the way you communicate with your target markets and the language you currently use on other mediums; is it professional? Is it casual? Is your brand particularly cool, young, or hip? All of these factors affect language and tone used in videos. If you use wrong language, you risk disengaging – or worse – losing your audience, and altering their perception about your brand. So, always ensure that the language in your videos is consistent across your website and social media channels.

Include Logo Imagery, but don't go Over-The-Top

Including your logo in every video is a great way to achieve and solidify brand recognition, but where and when should it be included? is important. Remember that the first eight seconds of a video is where you'll either capture or lose your audience's attention, so do not start your video with just your logo: your audience will scroll on before the real video even gets started. Instead, include your logo subtly, in a corner throughout, or let your video fade to black and include your logo at the end.

Tie your Branding Design Elements into Every Frame

Colour and other branding design elements, like fonts are crucial to branding, so it's only natural to include these in your videos, too. While this is a subtle branding touch, it is a proven one. Think of Apple and their clean, streamlined branding that reflects in every aspect of their marketing, including their videos. It's what has helped them to essentially dominate the world (in terms of prevalence) and solidified their reputation as being the "cool kids on the block".

With this in mind, when you set out to create your videos, ensure the colours and any text fonts are consistent with those used on your logo, website, and other branded products … and you might just become the next Apple!

Ensure your Topics are Relevant

This almost goes without saying, but the videos you're creating and sharing need to be relevant to your brand, or at least your company's key messages. If you're struggling to identify content-matter relevant to your brand, take a couple of minutes to jot down the first things that come to mind when you think of the product, business, or service you offer. In most cases, the first, direct parallels your mind creates will be the most logical place for you to start in your video-creating journey.