Anna Ji

Head of Product, Clipchamp

Anna is a senior business leader with a decade of experience in growth strategy, through-the-line marketing, entrepreneurship, digital strategy and management.

She consulted for a wide range of organisations, from technology startups, such as Delivery Hero and Hotel Tonight, to government-funded BEC Australia. Most recently, she established the Digital and Growth Business Unit at Tyro, a fully licensed tech business bank. As Head of Digital, she achieved 10x growth in customer acquisition, and generated in excess of $46m worth of revenue during her two-year tenure.

A regular speaker and contributor within the Australian Growth Marketing Community, she’s actively working on nurturing talent and closing the skill-gap in this essential space.

Anna joined Clipchamp full-time on 5 April 2018. She serves as Head of Product, and is responsible for the commercialisation of Clipchamp’s products, from customer acquisition, retention to revenue generation.


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