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Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in Every Job Interview Raising the right queries gives you precise information about the organization and the role

By Payal Sondhi

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While conducting a job interview, recruiters often ask the candidate if they have any questions. Their responses are a lot on the lines of "Not really", or, worse, "How long is the probation period?", making the interviewer question the candidate's actual interest in the job and the organization itself.

A candidate today should mandatorily ask questions, as asking the right queries gives you precise information about the organization and the role which will help you in making the final decision. This also lets your interviewer know that you have done your homework and you sincerely want to be a part of the organization.

Here are few questions that interviewees should ask during an interview process.

How New is the Role and if Not, How Has it Evolved?

This question will help you elaborately understand the role and it will also reveal as to how the role has grown over a period of time and the value it currently holds in the organization. You can then work your way around this conversation to speak about your knowledge when it comes to the latest industry trends letting the interviewer know that you are in par with the current developments. This will also help you understand if the role is in line with your career ambitions.

Can You Tell Me About the Predecessor of My Role and the Team?

Information about your predecessor will help you define as to exactly what kind of skillset and experience is required for the role. And your interviewer's appraisal of your predecessor will give you a roadmap that you will need to embark to take your role to the next level. A synergy with your team members is an important element of your job. Get an understanding on them beforehand to develop a harmonious professional working relationship as soon as you begin.

Can You Share the Structure of the Team and its Role in the Organization?

It may be at times difficult to comprehend the complete extent of your role through two paragraphs. Ask this question here to know which departments you will be liaising with, this will give you an understanding of your position in the team and the organization. This will also give you a brief of the organization's priorities and processes which shall make you aware of the business expectations. It will also help in getting an understanding of how these expectations cascade down and are further broken into individual goals.

How Often Will My Performance be Reviewed and What Are the Training Opportunities?

When there is a structure and pro-active approach in an organization, it means that organization's focus is also on the employee's growth and development. It also shows that you are open to constructive feedback. Regular training opportunities and availability of resources is crucial for your professional growth irrespective of which stage of your career you are at.

Can You Give the Organization's Growth Chart and Brief on the Founders?

Yes, all of this information is available online but hearing it from an internal source makes a huge difference. Know that your interviewer (recruiter/reporting manager/top management) has a huge understanding of the business and will give direct answers when it comes to year-over-year growth of the company and an understanding of the foundation, which is inclusive of an insight and a foresight both.

From Your Perspective, How is it Working Here?

An employee is an organization's biggest brand ambassador, and a recruiter has additional responsibility of creating that brand. The response here will give you an understanding of the work culture along with developing a good rapport with your interviewer leading to a smooth interviewing process.

It is crucial to ensure that the interview does not lead the entire conversation, it should be a mutually beneficial process. Besides asking the right questions, you should also be an attentive listener giving the interviewer and the process complete importance. If you get the responses that are favourable, you will immediately know you are at right place or else you are not.

Payal Sondhi

Manager - Human Resources, SILA

Payal Sondhi is the Human Resources Manager at SILA.

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