Payal Sondhi

Payal Sondhi

Manager - Human Resources, SILA

Payal Sondhi is the Human Resources Manager at SILA.


Why Practicing Agility Matters in Human Resources

Instead of moving sequentially from start to end and delivering the final product at the very end of the project, agility offers an iterative and incremental approach

How Hiring a Consultant Can Help Founders in Business

A look at few pros and cons of hiring a consultant that could help you with this decision

Your Employees Really Are Your Biggest Strength and Growth Drivers

The worker retention percentage of any company is directly related to its productivity and growth. Here are 10 tips to ensure the workforce stays happy and faithful

Questions Every Candidate Should Ask in Every Job Interview

Raising the right queries gives you precise information about the organization and the role

Capitalizing on LinkedIn for Recruitment

Keep tabs on the effectiveness/success periodically the HR strategy to make changes as and when required

Ways to Creating an Effective HR Strategy

Keep tabs on the effectiveness/success periodically the HR strategy to make changes as and when required

Are You Capitalizing LinkedIn for Recruitment

Thanks to platforms like LinkedIn, the recruitment process is now more streamlined and simpler

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women today in top management

Considering that about half of the population in the country today is women, India cannot afford to ignore them, especially for senior positions

HR and Marketing – The New Collaborative Relationship

The HR managers are today positioning their companies as the employer of choice in their markets

How to Hire The Right Interns?

A strong internship is a win-win scenario for an organization and the candidate

How to Identify the Gaps in Performance Reviews and Solving Them

Performance reviews is not just about evaluating your employee's work, but they also give managers a huge insight into the current and future path of the organization

10 Ways to Gauge the Right Candidate

The biggest challenge for an HR is to find the suitable person for a job and hence we tell you the streamlined method of doing so

How to Handle an Appraisal Request?

Appraisal can lead to attrition if not taken care of Delicately, Let's discuss the concern at length

How to Ensure Employee Productivity ?

We all must know that Employee productivity is a direct outcome of how they are being treated at the organization

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