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Take Your E-Commerce Brand To the Next Level With the Help Of This SEO Expert Keval Shah has established himself as an expert in the SEO field thanks to his ability to build custom campaigns for each of his clients, and deliver incredible results

By Jason Alvarez-Cohen

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Keval Shah

Keval Shah knows how to turn a difficult situation into an advantage. After dropping out of college at 22, Keval decided to go all-in on his passion for SEO — which he'd been practicing for seven years — and develop a personal brand around it.

Today, Keval has established himself as a customer-oriented SEO expert who knows how to help businesses grow their online presence Despite his age, he has already founded his first company, Inbound Pursuit, a rapidly-growing SEO agency that helps businesses grow their organic search traffic and revenue.

Keval knows how tricky it is for business owners to find SEO agencies that are capable of driving the results they sell clients on, and the impact that has had on people's belief in SEO.

"Many have given up on SEO as a viable source of revenue since most agencies run all of their clients through the same cookie-cutter strategy when SEO is something that needs to be personalized. An SEO strategy that works for one brand won't necessarily work for another. That's why at Inbound Pursuit, we focus on building out custom campaigns for each client, so they actually get results," says Keval.

Why Opt for SEO?

The process of optimizing a website for search engines like Google is a bit more complex than setting up a paid advertising campaign, and breaks down into two main phases: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO is carried out directly on the website, and encompasses changes to its structure, content, and technical components. Off-Page SEO, on the other hand, is done by building links from other high-quality, relevant websites to your own.

Implementing SEO strategy for your e-commerce brand is a great way to counteract the disadvantages that paid advertising strategies, like Facebook Ads, have presented in recent months.

"When you look at the issues with Facebook Ads lately — volatility in sales, account bans, low conversion rates, etc — you can see just how much you're limiting yourself by solely relying on paid traffic," says Keval.

In contrast, SEO has a more long-term effect, providing your company with a more reliable avenue for traffic and sales.

A well-optimized website can attract visitors for years on end — not to mention warm visitors who are actively looking to make a purchase. Search engine traffic is also free, making the profit margins on all sales unbeatable.

The benefits of SEO optimization for your business include:

  • Long-term investment.
  • A well-optimized website that can attract visitors for many years.
  • Links without the "advertisement" mark in search results inspire more trust among users, resulting in more clicks.
  • The final cost of the custom acquisition is much lower than with Facebook Ads.

What Makes "Inbound Pursuit' Different

The most seasoned SEO agencies will take what they learn from your site audit and analysis and develop a tailor-made plan for your site.

Inbound Pursuit offers full-service strategies designed to handle your SEO needs inside and out. Their team will guide you through their state-of-the-art SEO process and implement a custom plan aimed at the best results.

Jason Alvarez-Cohen


Jason Alvarez-Cohen is a tech entrepreneur and social media savant. He is the CEO, Co-Founder and chief engineer at Popl, a global hardware + software company based in Los Angeles that is creating the next generation business card.


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