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This Platform Could Be the Next Big Thing In Business Networking And Mentoring Lisnic-a mentor finding site- is currently in beta mode, with limited numbers let in daily so the pair can control the growth of the platform

By Michael Bradshaw

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Nick Bell and Lisa Teh

Platform marketplaces have revolutionized the business world and the latest entry to the market, Lisnic, is quickly gaining industry buzz with its potential for growth and its A-list talent, including Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph.

Founded by Australian digital entrepreneurs Nick Bell and Lisa Teh, Lisnic follows a similar open marketplace model to tech giants like Airbnb and Uber, allowing mentees to connect with mentors around the world, with all sessions conducted via secure video conferencing through the site.

Bell, a Rich Lister who has created a $274 million dollar empire after starting his first digital business with $350, has partnered up with Teh, a digital agency owner, author and beauty brand founder, to launch the site, which already has a global waitlist in the thousands.

Lisnic is currently in beta mode, with limited numbers let in daily so the pair can control the growth of the platform. Early users of the platform have spoken about how quick and easy the site is to use, with the matching technology and inbuilt video conferencing software making it easy to be mentored anytime, anywhere.

Lisnic has revolutionized the process of finding a mentor, with the site allowing mentees to post the requirements of what they are looking for in a mentor and their hourly budget for mentoring. Mentors from around the world can bid on these jobs and mentees can either select from these applicants or invite a mentor they want for their job. Not only does the site make it easy for mentees to now find multiple mentors, but mentors globally have the chance to earn extra income by using the skills and knowledge they have learned during their careers.

Linsic not only has top-rated business mentors, including people who have built million-dollar companies or have been successful in their career but also mind mentors, who are qualified therapists and psychologists who can help you become mentally stronger. Given the challenges of the pandemic, there has been a significant focus on mental health, and this is one of the fastest-growing categories on the platform.

The site will also have a celebrity mentor section where people and companies can engage the world's best talent for private or group training sessions.

The site already has a business audience in the thousands, with this number growing daily. The pair have indicated they have an aggressive 6 to 12-month rollout strategy planned for the site, with new features and a potential app in the works.

Bell and Teh also host a popular business podcast through Lisnic, where they interview Lisnic mentors and world-renowned thought leaders including Randolph, Gary Vaynerchuk and Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. This podcast has quickly gained a cult following among people hungry to learn and take their career or business to the next level. It highlights the ability to create a community using content-based marketing, with the podcast already garnering thousands of downloads and building hype for Lisnic prior to the site even launching.

The platform, which is based on a network orchestrator business model is primed for exponential growth, given how easily and quickly its audience can grow. There has been increasing demand for people seeking out mentors, so the platform has hit the market at just the right time.

"Companies Airbnb and Uber have shown us the potential for network platforms to change the game", says Bell, "and Lisnic is the perfect resource to transform the way we learn and network in the business world."

"The best investment you can make if you want to be successful in the business world is to get yourself a mentor", say Teh. "Not only will they save you time, money and energy, but they will help you get to where you want to go faster. People have always struggled to find the right mentor for them, so Nick and I wanted to create Lisnic to empower anyone around the world to engage someone that can help change their life."


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