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Best NMN Supplements for Enhancing NAD Levels and Energy in 2024 – Ultimate Guide 2024 is all about health and living longer, and guess what molecule is taking center stage? Yep, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN for short). This molecule is making waves for its potential to boost energy, fight aging, and keep our cells humming.

By Benjamin Jones

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NMN Supplements

2024 is all about health and living longer, and guess what molecule is taking center stage? Yep, Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN for short). This molecule is making waves for its potential to boost energy, fight aging, and keep our cells humming.

Confused? Never heard of NMN? No worries! Whether you're a seasoned supplement user or just starting to explore the world of cellular health, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need. We'll delve into the science behind NMN, explore the best NMN supplements, and answer all common questions. This guide will be your roadmap to the fascinating world of NMN. So buckle up, because we're about to dive deep!

What is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide and Its Role in Our Body?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally occurring molecule found in every cell of our body. When consumed, NMN gets converted into NAD, a coenzyme crucial for various functions in the body. Think of NAD as a key that unlocks your body's energy production, DNA repair, and immune response. It's so essential for basic cellular functions that without it, our cells wouldn't work properly, leading to critical health consequences within mere seconds.

As we age, our body's natural production of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) gradually diminishes. This decline in NAD levels has been linked to various age-related diseases. However, research suggests that by boosting NAD levels through precursors such as NMN, we can prevent or delay the development of these diseases, leading to a longer and healthier lifespan.

Now, you might think, 'Why not just take NAD directly?' Well, it's not that simple. While NAD is essential, directly supplementing with it isn't an effective approach as it can't readily enter our cells from the outside. This is where NMN comes in. Once NMN enters our cells, they're converted into NAD, providing the crucial boost our bodies need from the inside out.

A Quick Comparison of the Best NMN Supplements

How We Identified the Top NMN Products

Finding the best NMN supplement in a crowded market can feel overwhelming. Claims and promises are everywhere, but true quality can be hard to spot. We've taken on the task of sifting through the options with dedication, focusing on the key factors that matter most.

To ensure you get nothing but the best, we evaluated brands based on:

Ingredient quality: Only supplements with top-notch, pharmaceutical-grade NMN made the cut. No harmful contaminants here!

Potency: We prioritized options with clinically relevant dosages to ensure you get the NMN your body needs.

Safety: We carefully examined safety profiles and third-party lab testing to identify NMN brands that prioritize your health.

Transparency: We favored products that openly disclose ingredients, manufacturing processes, and independent test results.

Value: Price shouldn't be an obstacle. We sought supplements that offer high quality at a reasonable price, ensuring value for your money.

The result? A curated list of the best NMN supplements of 2024, perfect for both experienced users and curious newcomers. Discover the perfect product to meet your needs and explore the potential of this exciting molecule.

The Best NMN Supplements in 2024: Our Expert Reviews

1. Wonderfeel Youngr - The Best NMN Supplement Overall

Wonderfeel Youngr stands out in the NMN supplement arena thanks to its carefully crafted, patented formula. Youngr features a clinically studied dose of 900mg NMN, alongside a blend of complementary ingredients. This unique combination is designed to support the potential benefits of NMN, including enhanced energy, improved cognitive function, and deeper, more restorative sleep.

Youngr™ goes the extra mile, featuring a blend of carefully chosen antioxidants and sirtuin activators, like Ergothioneine, Hydroxytyrosol, and Resveratrol. Together, they form a potent team, aiding your body in effectively combatting inflammation and oxidative stress, two key factors associated with aging.

Developed under the expertise of Professor Andrew Salzman, a Harvard MD, Wonderfeel Youngr NMN is at the forefront of longevity innovation. Furthermore, this unique formula is endorsed by renowned health expert Dr Mark Hyman, making it the most credible NMN in the market.

At just $2.70 per 1g of NMN, Youngr™ is an exceptional value, while adhering to strict quality standards. Manufactured in the U.S., this formula is free from GMOs, preservatives, soy, gluten, and dairy, catering to various dietary needs. Positive customer reviews, combined with its commitment to quality and affordability, solidify Youngr™ as a top contender in the 2024 NMN supplement market.

Subscribe and Save $15!

2. Wonderfeel NMN Capsuls™

Looking to explore the potential of NMN supplements? Wonderfeel NMN Capsuls™ might be a compelling option, especially if you prioritize purity and potency. Each serving delivers a potent 1000mg dose, aligning with the recommendations of renowned longevity researcher David Sinclair. With 99% pure NMN, each capsule delivers a potent dose for maximum effectiveness.

Wonderfeel NMN Capsuls™ do more than just energize your routine; they're designed to support your body's overall well-being, from improving cognitive function to boosting physical endurance. Under the guidance of Professor Andrew Salzman MD and a dedicated medical team, Wonderfeel offers you a product you can trust with every dose.

Wonderfeel prioritizes both quality and value. Each capsule undergoes rigorous third-party testing, with easily accessible certificates of analysis through QR codes. Priced at $58, with a subscription reducing it to $48, NMN Capsuls™ boasts the best price per gram compared to other products. They are proudly made in the USA and offer a 30-day return policy for unopened items.

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3. Lifeforce Peak NMN - Top NMN Supplement Choice for Berberine Fans

For Berberine enthusiasts and those seeking holistic health optimization, Peak NMN is the perfect synergy. Similar to Wonderfeel's Youngr formula, Peak NMN delves deeper, targeting a broader spectrum of health metrics from metabolism to testosterone.

While the starting dose of 375mg NMN is moderate, we encourage personalized dosing. For some, two capsules might unlock the full potential, catering to individual needs. While the potential for two capsules increases the cost, remember you're investing in a multifaceted strategy for overall well-being, not just a single-target supplement.

What truly sets the Peak NMN brand apart? Its inclusion of high-dose berberine, a revered ingredient for regulating insulin sensitivity and supporting overall well-being. This powerful blend offers a specialized experience for those seeking a multi-faceted approach.

Lifeforce prioritizes transparency, acknowledging potential interactions with other medications.

4. Elevant Prime - Top NMN Supplement for Enhanced Immune Function

Elevant Prime takes a refined approach to NMN supplementation. They feature a unique form, NMN-C as an efficient NAD precursor. While the 125mg dose may be ideal for starting low, it might require multiple servings to reach the desired daily intake, potentially impacting cost compared to larger serving products.

Elevant's NMN-C formula comes packed with a suite of potential benefits designed to elevate your wellness routine. Promising to boost NAD+ levels daily, it aims to enhance overall health and energy while supporting cellular repair. And given the essential role of immune health, this formula steps up as a powerful ally, aiming to fortify your body's defenses.

Focusing on optimal individual dosing, Elevant Prime allows you to tailor your intake throughout the day. This controlled approach might resonate with those seeking flexibility and personalized optimization.

5. Elysium Signal - Best Mild-Dose NMN Supplement

Seeking a gentle introduction to NMN? This formula is ideal for cautious newcomers or those seeking a gradual introduction to NAD boosters with its moderate 250 mg dose per serving. Think of it as a solid foundation for exploring higher levels in the future.

But gentle doesn't mean simple. Just like Wonderfeel, Signal boasts a powerful sirtuin activation complex, featuring natural wonders like honokiol from magnolia bark and viniferin from grapevines. These meticulously chosen ingredients work synergistically to support optimal mitochondrial health, the powerhouses within your cells.

Science is at the heart of Signal. Led by the highly respected Dr. Guarente, their team reflects the same unwavering commitment to quality found at Wonderfeel. While the lower dose might not be for everyone, the flexibility to adjust your intake allows you to personalize your experience.

What are the Potential Health Benefits of NMN Supplements?

NMN has gained traction in the health and longevity world due to its potential to boost NAD levels. This potential increase in NAD might lead to several exciting benefits, including:

● Enhanced Energy:

The potential benefits of NMN supplements are particularly notable in energy enhancement. Research suggests that NMN may support cellular energy production, which could effectively reduce feelings of fatigue and increase overall vitality.

In a study involving 48 amateur runners, participants were given NMN supplements to observe its effects on exercise performance. The results were promising: those who took NMN not only ran longer distances but also showed improved performance, attributed to their muscles using oxygen more effectively.

● Improved Sleep Quality:

As the science of sleep evolves, researchers are uncovering potential new tools, including NMN. There's growing evidence, both from scientific circles and from those who've tried NMN themselves, that it can make a real difference in how well you sleep.

By boosting NAD levels in the body, NMN seems to help fine-tune our sleep cycles, making it easier to enjoy deep, restful nights and more energetic days. A study from 2022 sheds light on this, showing that taking NMN later in the day could really help older adults sleep better and feel less groggy during the day.

It's fascinating to see how NMN could be doing double duty, not just keeping our cells in tip-top shape but also helping us establish a healthier sleep routine.

● Sharper Cognition:

Exciting research, including work by Dr. David Sinclair, is revealing some compelling evidence about NMN's potential to support brain function. A fascinating discovery from these studies is NMN's positive impact on neurovascular coupling (NVC). This key mechanism plays a crucial role in cognitive health which often declines with age.

NMN could potentially enhance memory and coordination, suggesting its contribution to overall cognitive improvement. This exciting finding positions NMN as a promising approach for maintaining mental sharpness well into our later years, highlighting its potential significance in the field of cognitive health advancements.

● Youthful Skin:

Our skin faces daily battles – UV rays, pollution, and the natural aging process. As we age, declining NAD levels impair the skin's ability to heal and rejuvenate, leading to more pronounced signs of aging like wrinkles.

Studies suggest taking an NMN supplement could be a strategic step towards maintaining healthy, radiant skin. By increasing NAD levels, NMN empowers skin cells to combat damage. This translates to visible benefits - imagine skin with enhanced elasticity and resilience, able to bounce back from daily stressors.

● Cellular Health Champion:

Think of NMN as a key player in healthy aging. It supports a wide range of cellular processes, helping to shield cells from damage and keeping them firing on all cylinders. This translates to a stronger defense against everyday stressors and the natural slowdown that comes with age. NMN even helps safeguard your DNA, manage inflammatory responses, and keep proteins functioning optimally, contributing to a more robust and resilient cellular environment.

● Heart Health Support:

This exciting study shines a light on NAD's pivotal role in heart health, revealing how boosted NAD levels might lead to reduced blood pressure and more flexible arteries—crucial for a strong heart.

Especially for those in their middle years and beyond, these insights open up new possibilities for heart care. With each advance, the potential of NAD in heart wellness grows more captivating, marking an exciting path for future research.

● Metabolic Balance:

Exploring the impact on metabolic health, NMN stands as a promising catalyst. It acts as a key regulator, streamlining the conversion of food to energy, stabilizing blood sugar, and managing fats and proteins.

More than just maintenance, NMN aims to elevate bodily functions for peak efficiency. Its potential in boosting metabolic health is exciting, offering prospects for enhanced energy, smarter weight management, and defense against metabolic conditions like diabetes. As we uncover more about NMN, it's showing great promise in fostering optimal metabolic wellness and overall vitality.

● Balancing Insulin and Minimizing Diabetes Potential:

Studies suggest NMN could enhance how the body responds to insulin, making it better at using blood sugar and reducing the chances of insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes. This latest researchhighlights NMN's role in bolstering metabolic activities, hinting at its value in managing and optimizing metabolic health. This aligns with the broader aim of achieving top-notch metabolic health, crucial for our well-being.

The Safety and Side Effects of NMN Supplementation

Worried about NMN's side effects? Recent studies bring welcome news! A study featuring participants aged 55-80 explored the safety of a specific NMN variant, MIB-626, at higher doses. For two weeks, participants received up to 2000mg daily, and guess what? No major red flags!

This reassuring research suggests that even elevated NMN intake was well-tolerated, with participants reporting no side effects. That's a big green tick for safety! This study adds to the growing evidence of NMN's potential to support cellular health, offering a comforting nudge for those considering NMN supplementation.

Recommended Daily Dose of NMN Supplements

Unlocking the potential of NMN requires a strategic approach, with dosage standing as a key battleground. Renowned experts like Dr. David Sinclair recommend a daily 1000mg sweet spot to truly harness NMN benefits.

Tailoring your NMN intake is crucial. Supplements ranging from 600mg to 1200mg align with research and offer a safe and effective starting point. However, venturing below 400mg might leave you underachieving. Remember, results thrive on optimal levels.

Additionally, the safety of NMN at various dosages is reassuring. Studies have shown daily intakes up to 2000mg to be generally well-tolerated, allowing you to fine-tune your dosage based on your individual needs and health goals.

NMN vs NR: What's the Difference and Which One is More Effective?

While both NMN and NR are popular for increasing NAD levels, the question of which is more effective remains complex.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) have emerged as solutions to boost declining NAD levels associated with aging. Both are precursors to NAD, a molecule crucial for energy production and cellular repair. However, their efficiency and potential benefits may differ.

NMN is considered more directly absorbed by cells, potentially increasing NAD+ levels faster, while NR requires conversion to NMN within the body, potentially impacting its efficacy. Additionally, while there are more NMN studies showing promising results, studies on NR are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions About NMN Supplements

When Do NMN Supplements Begin to Work?

While NMN quickly converts to NAD at the cellular level, experiencing noticeable health benefits may take more time.

Many users report feeling more energetic and experiencing an overall improved sense of well-being within the first few weeks of regular NMN supplementation. This aligns with NMN's rapid conversion into NAD, potentially impacting cellular energy production.

However, NMN's potential long-term benefits, like enhanced cognitive function, improved cardiovascular health, and anti-aging effects, may require several months to a year of consistent use before becoming noticeable. These changes typically involve complex biological processes that unfold over time.

Should I take NMN with food?

You can take NMN with or without food based on your preference. Food may slightly slow absorption, but studies suggest it doesn't significantly impact effectiveness. Experiment to find what works best for your individual needs and preferences.

What happens when you stop taking NMN?

When you stop taking NMN, your body's NAD levels will gradually decline back to your baseline pre-supplementation levels. This process typically happens over several weeks or months.

The potential effects of stopping NMN are not fully understood and may depend on various factors:

Duration of supplementation: Longer supplementation periods might lead to a slower decline in NAD levels when you stop.

Underlying health conditions: Individuals with existing conditions that initially benefited from increased NAD levels might experience a return of symptoms.

Individual variability: Some people might experience minimal changes, while others might feel more pronounced effects.

Who is David Sinclair, and What NMN Supplement He Takes?

Dr. David Sinclair, a big name in biology and aging research, is Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. He's known for delving into the mysteries of aging at the molecular level, aiming to find ways to slow it down or even reverse it.

Sinclair's research focused on NAD molecule, and he discovered that increasing NAD levels in mice led to longer, healthier lives. This promising finding opens doors for future aging research.

Dr. Sinclair personally takes 1000mg NMN daily. However, he hasn't featured any NMN brands yet.

How to Boost NAD Levels Naturally?

While directly increasing NAD levels through diet alone is limited, there are ways to potentially support your body's natural NAD production. Remember, these strategies aim to support, not guarantee, increased NAD levels.

Balanced and nutritious diet: Focus on whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals known to contribute to NAD synthesis, such as B vitamins, tryptophan, and precursors like nicotinamide.

Consider specific foods: While direct NMN sources are limited, some studies suggest potential benefits from including foods like avocados, leafy greens, and edamame in your diet due to their content of precursors or related compounds.

Regular exercise: Studies suggest physical activity can positively impact NAD levels. Choose activities you enjoy and aim for consistent moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week.

Moderate alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol intake can deplete NAD. Consider limiting alcohol consumption or opting for moderation according to established guidelines.

Intermittent fasting: Some research suggests potential benefits of intermittent fasting for NAD levels.

Moderate sun exposure: While excessive sun exposure is harmful, some sunlight exposure may be necessary for vitamin D synthesis, which indirectly supports NAD production. That's why Wonderfeel'svitamin D3 is a great addition to NMN.

Do Foods Contain NMN? Not quite.

While trace amounts of NMN exist in foods like edamame and avocados, don't expect them to significantly boost your NMN levels. Still, incorporating these healthy choices into your diet is always a smart move. Remember, a balanced approach to food is key for overall well-being.

Mixing NMN with Other Supplements

Combining NMN with other supplements can be generally safe and potentially beneficial, but it depends. Some popular partners include:

Resveratrol and Pterostilbene: These can potentially enhance NMN's effects and offer additional health benefits.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These powerhouses contribute to overall health and might even support NAD production.

CoQ10: This energy-producing molecule might interact with NMN in interesting ways.

Vitamin D3: This versatile vitamin supports various bodily functions and could influence NAD levels.

However, individual responses vary. Before adding any new supplement to your routine, consult your healthcare professional. They can assess your individual needs and potential interactions with medications.

Taking NMN and NAD Together

NMN has a unique ability to enter cells and transform into NAD, making it the clear champion. Scientifically, NAD supplements struggle to get inside our cells, limiting their effectiveness. So, sticking with NMN alone or combining it with NR (nicotinamide riboside) is the more effective choice.

Which One is Better: NAD IV Treatments or NMN Supplements?

While some people explore NAD IV injections for metabolic and energy boosts, the evidence isn't there.

Limited research: Currently, comprehensive research supporting the benefits and safety of this method is lacking.

Unnatural spikes: IV administration might lead to unnatural surges in NAD levels, potentially different from the more gradual increase offered by NMN capsules.

Therefore, NMN supplements are regarded as the best option for boosting NAD levels, surpassing even NAD IV treatments.

Looking for the Best NMN and Resveratrol Supplements?

Identifying the best NMN and resveratrol supplements is like finding the perfect duo in the orchestra of anti-aging. NMN, known for its role in elevating NAD levels, works harmoniously with Resveratrol.

Resveratrol, a fascinating natural compound found in grapes, is celebrated for activating sirtuins, proteins essential for cellular health. Together, these two supplements create a synergistic effect – NMN boosts NAD levels, enhancing the efficiency of resveratrol's activation of sirtuins.

When selecting top-tier NMN and resveratrol supplements, opt for formulations that prioritize high-grade purity and optimal bioavailability. Our favorite is Wonderfeel Youngr™ NMN formula, featuring 100 mg of Resveratrol daily.

Choosing the Best NMN Form: Capsules, Sublingual, or Liposomal

NMN has become a potential player in the world of health and longevity, and one key aspect to consider is its diverse delivery methods: capsules, sublingual tablets, and even liposomal forms. So, let's shed light on the different delivery methods for NMN supplements and see which might be the right fit for you.

Capsules: The classic and reliable option. Easy to use and store, they're the most popular choice.

Sublingual NMN: Think "under the tongue." These dissolve quickly, aiming to bypass the digestive system for faster absorption. Sounds promising, but research on their effectiveness with NMN is still catching up.

Liposomal NMN: Imagine NMN tucked away in tiny fat bubbles. This fancy delivery system promises better absorption, but again, studies on its effectiveness and safety for NMN are limited.

Each form has its unique attributes, but capsules have consistently emerged as the top choice for NMN intake.

Liposomal NMN: The Hype and the Reality

The concept behind liposomal delivery technology – boosting absorption and delivery – sounds exciting. However, it's too early to definitively say liposomal NMN is better than other NMN forms like capsules or sublingual options. Indeed, there are valid concerns about liposomal NMN form. Here are some key points to consider:

Limited research: As of now, there is limited clinical evidence comparing the effectiveness of liposomal NMN against other delivery methods like capsules. More research is needed to definitively assess its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Stability concerns: Liposomal formulations can face challenges with consistent preparation and long-term stability. This means the effectiveness of the product might deteriorate over time, especially with improper storage.

It's noteworthy that most scientific research on NMN, especially studies focused on elevating NAD levels, predominantly utilizes oral capsules. That's why we recommend the capsule form, having a proven track record in research settings.

When to Take NMN Supplements: A Nuanced Approach

While taking NMN in the morning aligns with your body's natural NAD rhythm and may offer an energy boost, research suggests it might not be the only option. Here's what we know:

Research on NMN and circadian rhythm in humans is scarce. One study suggests afternoon intake for energy and sleep benefits in elderly users, while studies in young and elderly rats suggest different optimal timing for NMN. This highlights the importance of considering individual factors.

Consider experimenting with different times based on your goals. Taking NMN supplements in the morning may be ideal for energy throughout the day while evening usage could promote deeper sleep.

Can NAD supplements fight tumors, but they also fuel cancer growth?

The relationship between NAD and cancer is complex. While promising research suggests NAD might starve cancer cells, the answer's not straightforward. Cancer cells, fuelled by rapid growth, demand high NAD levels. So, a valid concern arises: could boosting NAD with supplements inadvertently fuel the fire of cancer cells in those already diagnosed?

Before considering NAD supplements, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional, especially if you have cancer. They can offer personalized guidance based on your specific health and treatment plan.

NMN and TMG: Do You Need to Take Them Together?

The belief that NMN supplements require extra Trimethylglycine (TMG) due to TMG depletion is prevalent. However, does science support this claim? Not entirely.

TMG, short for trimethylglycine, is a naturally occurring compound that plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including DNA methylation, liver health, and even energy production. Luckily, this essential nutrient is readily available in many everyday foods like beets, quinoa, spinach, and seafood, and our bodies naturally manage TMG levels effectively.

Should you still consider TMG supplementation? While not strictly necessary for everyone, individuals with specific methylation deficiencies or genetic variations may benefit from additional TMG intake alongside NMN.

Can NMN Help Reduce Wrinkles? Early Promise, Awaiting Confirmation

NMN has also been explored for its potential anti-aging effects on the skin, specifically wrinkle reduction. NAD plays a vital role in maintaining healthy cells, including those in the skin.

Studies, primarily in animals, have shown promising results suggesting NMN might improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. However, it's important to note that these findings are preliminary and haven't been fully replicated in larger human trials.

Turning Back Time on Gray Hair: Can NMN Be the Answer?

The gradual change from vibrant to silver strands is a natural part of aging for many. While scientists are constantly seeking ways to understand and potentially reverse this process, the potential of NMN for influencing hair pigmentation remains under investigation.

One key factor in hair graying is the decline of pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. Interestingly, some preliminary studies in mice have shown a link between reduced NAD levels and impaired melanocyte function. However, it's crucial to remember that these findings haven't translated to conclusive evidence in humans yet.

As NMN supplements gain the spotlight for their potential to drive healthy aging, consumers are met with an array of choices. Finding the best NMN supplements means prioritizing key factors. Think quality ingredients, utmost purity, the right dosage, and stringent third-party testing – these aren't just buzzwords; they're essentials.

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