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Contemporary Art Forms Are Reaching New Inflection Points, And It Is Amazing Artists such as Alonzo Vega, Gregory Allen Page and KNDRGRTN have gone beyond traditions to usher in newer formats

By Thomas Herd

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In recent years, the contemporary art market has seen an influx of prevalent new schools as well as modern reinterpretations of historical art genres.

Needless to say, the pioneers at the forefront of these new waves generally are the most disruptive, impactful, and value-added new artists to the market.

Right now- at this very moment- there are several prominent contemporary artists gaining a great degree of notoriety for their influential new approaches.

Across all different genres—expressionism, impressionism, and even animation—modern art is experiencing a dynamic inflection point.

For instance, Peruvian painter Alonzo Vega has changed the mediums and materials used in modern expressionism.

Brash, irreverent, and multifaceted, Vega is self-taught painter who creates expressionist new media pieces out of war materials, such as guns, shrapnel, bullets, wood fences and empty shell cases.

Taking inspiration from his great-grandfather, American war hero General Harold Lee George (who graced the cover of Times Magazine), Vega paints the modern day world through the pain, trauma, and courage it took to get us here.

Vega's work has become a recent trend with collectors in South America and now the US.

His work has been appreciated by Maxim, Yahoo News, LA Confidential, Ocean Drive and The International Business Times and international galleries are currently vying for representation.

Vega's art can be viewed through his official Instagram profile.

While Vega's art form involved war waste, there are other forms too which are attracting people attention.

In the impressionist genre, Hawaii's Gregory Allen Page has received accolades of late. His works have been extolled for providing an unbroken continuum to the French Masters of impressionism such as Monet, Manet and Degas.

Page is a specialist in the scientific understanding of light and color, which he harnesses to awaken a painting into an even fuller life of reality with dynamic energy and palpable emotion.

But that's not all, art forms have transgressed even beyond installations and paint boards. Same as in music, there are "fusion' art forms emerging as well.

Take the case of alternative artist KNDRGRTN. Hailing from a music background, the artist is getting noticed in the contemporary art circles with his innovative short form content accompanying tracks on his latest album Sleeping With My Clothes On.

Through videos, he communicates visual fantasies to animate and galvanize his lyrics.

The content, distinguished by its dreamy tone and tenor, takes hold of viewers into a transcendental realm when visualized.

According to KNDRGRTN, there are a lot less boundaries of how far you can take something when it's animated. For him, it's a great way to communicate more of a fantasy or dream-like state.

Thomas Herd is an American Entrepreneur and a pioneer of quantifiable digital marketing. He is the CEO of T1 Advertising and a consultant to Forbes Monaco.


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