Here's an Example Of How Luxury Living Can Go Hand-In-Hand With Giving Back

Motor Culture Australia is an in-house rewards program with over 200,000 members: a number that grows with each passing day

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In our society, there is sometimes the preconceived notion that when we live in luxury, we automatically forget about those who aren't as well off. Fortunately, Motor Culture Australia is reminding us all that living in luxury can indeed go hand-in-hand with giving back to others.


Motor Culture Australia is one of the fastest growing automotive companies in the country. Founded in 2018, Motor Culture Australia is an in-house rewards program with over 200,000 members: a number that grows with each passing day. The company's mission is to create a wholesome and household name. One of the ways they're doing so is by give-away luxury cars and supercars on a regular basis through their interactive, engaging and reputable platform.

While this in of itself is incredibly exciting, what truly sets the company apart from other rewards programs is its profound philanthropic values. Since its inception, Motor Culture Australia has donated as a corporate citizen out of its goodwill to various Australian charities, such as the Black Dog Institute, The Hummingbird House, and most recently, The Smith Family. In fact, 1 per cent of the company's profits are given to The Smith Family to support those who are in need.

"When we founded the company, we made it very clear that our mission would include giving back to our community," says founder Tom McPherson. "While our business concept includes luxury vehicles, a large social media presence, and amazing events, we never forget that there are those in our community who need help–and we are here to do just that."

Though Motor Culture Australia does its part to give back, it should not be confused as a non-profit organization. Instead, the company supports charities of its choice as a corporate citizen, which enables its team and membership base to develop close working relationships with the individuals and organizations it supports.

As one of the fastest growing automotive companies in the country, Motor Culture Australia has recently diversified through implementing an exclusive VIP member-only platform that they promote with extremely cool cars and motorcycles all year long. The company boasts some of the biggest automotive events and giveaways in Australia and has received a lot of phenomenal feedback from members. Every member of the platform automatically goes into a draw to potentially win a unique vehicle that is selected to be the ultimate prize.

Additionally, the platform has signed up a variety of local services in the automotive industry. These partnerships give members exclusive discounts on the parts and services their community partners have to offer. Not only that, but the company also teams up with big entertainment brands to give members half price movie tickets at entertainment giants such as Village Road Show and Event Cinema's. As a VIP Member you'd also find there's a lot on offer at Motor Culture's showroom in Newstead such as state of the art Racing Simulator's and Social evenings.

Registration to the site is incredibly quick and easy and can be done through the company's website.

"Whether you're looking to score a big win on a luxury vehicle, or if you want discounts on the automotive services you use on a regular basis, we have something for everyone," McPherson states. "Contact us any time for more information and so we can get to know you, just like we know all of our other members and partners. We look forward to it!"