Sound of Freedom Executive Producer Takes Alternative Health World By Storm Unifyd Healing is the latest branch of Shurka's non-profit organization, Unifyd World.

By Sushant Rampuria

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Sound of Freedom executive producer Jason Shurka's new non-profit initiative, Unifyd Healing, is taking the world by storm.

Sound of Freedom executive producer Jason Shurka's new non-profit initiative, Unifyd Healing, is taking the world by storm. With a recent endorsement from famed motivational speaker Tony Robbins, Unifyd Healing is spreading its message far and wide. The Energy Enhancement System (EES) has inspired growth and testimonials from thousands of satisfied individuals around the world and continues to gain traction globally.

Unifyd Healing is the latest branch of Shurka's non-profit organization, Unifyd World. The group is devoted to uniting humanity and focuses on fostering global unity by elevating collective consciousness. Shurka leads Unifyd Healing as well as the Unifyd TV initiative, aiming to spark positive transformations in individuals and communities worldwide.

Prior to founding Unifyd World, Shurka was the Vice President of Signature Investment Group, a global commercial real estate company which also owns "Gadish", one of the largest civil engineering companies in Israel. He is most well known for being an executive producer of the 2023 film "Sound of Freedom," a thriller about a vigilante who rescues children from human traffickers. A series of events in Shurka's life led him to abandon these careers and turn his focus toward making the world a better place. Unifyd World is his way of reaching out to the underprivileged citizens of the world.

Unifyd Healing seeks to help primarily women and children with its focus on the Energy Enhancement System technology. The EESystem is known for creating diverse bio-active energy fields, notably the enigmatic "scalar waves." According to Shurka, these waves can foster cell regeneration and enhance immune function. Based on reports from thousands of individuals, this technology has allowed them to experience pain relief, detoxification of the body, and elevated moods. Unifyd Healing focuses on mental and emotional healing as well as physical well-being with a more holistic approach. EES balances the brain's hemispheres and amplifies energy levels for optimal results.

People from all walks of life are given access to the incredible power of the EESystem at Unifyd Healing centers worldwide. Transformative sessions help individuals to harness the power of the energy enhancement system wherever they are located. This fascinating technology, developed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, uses custom-installed computers to generate morphogenic energy fields to promote healing. The technology provides an ideal environment for your body to heal itself. Benefits reported by EES users include reduced inflammation, improved circulation, stress reduction, and improved self-awareness.

Tony Robbins, author, life coach, and motivational speaker, was recently interviewed by Jason Shurka where he spoke about his experiences with the technology, and even shared the fact that he purchased the technology for his own home and personal use. . The interview, titled REVIVE, shows the two speaking about EES and its benefits. Robbins was impressed by Shurka's mission to provide affordable and accessible health care to the masses, and by the fact that Unifyd Healing already has nearly 400 centers worldwide Securing an endorsement from Robbins marks a major milestone for Unifyd Healing and shows the reach and power of this technology.

Unifyd Healing is excited about the next step in making affordable and accessible centers a reality. The organization's future goals include opening more centers, reaching more individuals, and finding new individuals passionate about the cause. Shurka hopes to have a total of 500 healing centers worldwide by 2025, reaching those in poorer and less fortunate countries as well as those in the United States.

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