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This Entrepreneur Harnessed the Power of Digital Marketing And Advertising Techniques To Reach the Top Known as 'The High-Ticket Client Guy', Douglas James has already trained and coached over 1,500 entrepreneurs on how to turbo-charge their earning potential.

By Rashmi Goyal

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As a highly-successful entrepreneur, Douglas James has seen over-and-over how fellow business owners have amazing ideas which deserve to succeed.

This knowledge inspired Douglas to empower budding entrepreneurs on how to acquire, close and retain amazing clients, so they can finally experience the lives of their dreams.

Douglas decided he wanted to help others to succeed during his time in the Navy. In early 2015, he was deployed on a humanitarian mission that allowed him to assist some of the most impoverished communities in the world.

It was then and there that Douglas knew he wanted to live his life with great purpose and do everything he can to raise others up.

After returning home, Douglas launched his career as an entrepreneur and immediately experienced the power of certain digital marketing and advertising techniques and how they can positively impact virtually any business.

Douglas also immersed himself in the world of Facebook Ads, learning all he could about this effective marketing platform to reach global audiences. He has used Facebook Ads to help numerous local businesses to succeed, and then expanded his scope to online coaching so he can help other business owners do the same.

Known as 'The High-Ticket Client Guy', Douglas has already trained and coached over 1,500 entrepreneurs on how to turbo-charge their earning potential with his proven sales and marketing strategies.

Douglas will never forget his time working with the people of Papua New Guinea and other countries, many of whom were lacking basic essentials such as shoes. As a result, Douglas is committed to giving back to the community and other charities by donating a portion of his earnings to charitable organizations. There are certain traits that Douglas has which can help entrepreneurs.

Starting early

A typical day for Douglas starts at around 5 AM. He likes to grab a cup of black coffee with some MCT oil. He writes down three goals, three things that he must do that day. "I write down three affirmations, things that I want for me and my family, and then after that, I meditate for about 10 minutes and then I go to the gym for about an hour and a half. I like to do weights and cardio. I come back, shower and then I start my day," he said, adding that he does not look at his phone for the first hour after waking up. His morning is all about setting his mindset, setting his body, getting health right so that he can take on the day for his family and for his business.

Being an entrepreneur

Douglas didn't always see himself in the role of an entrepreneur. "Actually, when I first started becoming an entrepreneur and started my online business, I didn't know what the heck I was doing really. It has all been trial and error and going through speed bumps and riding the roller coaster of life in business," he said. Douglas didn't see himself running a successful online education company and marketing agency in just a few short years. Serving active military duty for 10-plus years and then getting out and doing has been insane, in his words. "So it's been a crazy transition," he added.

Douglas believes he is blessed to be here at this point, but everyone has their own journey and things they go through in life to get to where they want to go. "Your journey is always different from the person next to you, so I never try to compare myself to anybody else. I just focus on my core key things that I want to achieve and I just keep executing and I never quit. That's what's brought me to where I'm at now," he said.

Listening to audio books

Douglas is not a huge reader. "That might surprise a lot of people. There's people that say, a book a day makes the doctor go away. For me personally, I love books. Don't get me wrong, but I do my reading differently," he said.

He listens to audio books when at the gym. So that hour and a half to two hours that he is in the gym every day, he is consuming content through books and listening to full books through audio or he speed reads as well. "The way you do that is I use an app called BookNotes. It gives me the 15 to 20 minutes summary of 100 page or 1,000 page books within 10 to 15 minutes. It allows me to get all the golden nuggets out of the book. And if I really, really liked the book note, I'll go and get the Audible and listen to the full book," Douglas said.

Physical activity influencing professional success

Physical activity literally is the number one staple to his success, he believes. "I know this question is specific on physical activity. I think my wife and other things play a lot of role in that as well, but physical activity for sure is a key component because like my morning routine, I'm getting up focusing on myself. Literally the first two hours of every day is all about me. I'm very selfish with that time because for the rest of the 18 hours in the day, I need to be able to show up for my daughter, for my wife and for my business and my employees and obviously my customers and clients, which are a huge part of this because this wouldn't be anything without them, right?" he added.

Douglas believes that if he is not physically fit, mentally fit, he is not going to be able to perform for them when they need him the most. Even through his day, he has a stand-up desk in his office. He also has a sit-down desk and he tries to split the time 50:50 between standing and sitting because he wants to keep moving around and getting the blood flowing and getting the juices going. "Do you ever notice like when you go to the gym or if you go for a run or anything, your creative juices just start flowing, right? It gets everything firing off and I like to keep myself in a creative state and the way to do that is to stay active throughout your day so you can keep growing," he added.

Favorite traffic source for promoting digital campaigns in 2020

YouTube advertising, he said, adding "100 percent without a shadow of a doubt". Douglas James earlier used Facebook Ads and believes Facebook is not a bad platform. But once he discovered YouTube, he found that his company was able to get people to watch an hour plus of content. "The probability of them taking action on our offer by the end of that hour plus of content was way higher than it was on Facebook because people on Facebook, they're scrolling, they're not necessarily interested. There's good money to make, but on YouTube, it's a search engine. People are searching how to solve a problem. So if you can get in front of them at the right time, you can get them to watch video, they come in with a lot of high buyer intent, they're way more indoctrinated, they're more oriented to your process," he said.

He added that he was reading a statistic back in 2016 and it said by 2018, 80 percent of all online sales will come from a video by 2018. "Now we're in this year, so video is even more important. So if you're not creating video content and selling through video, you're really losing the game in this current year. So 100 per cent YouTube ads all the way," Douglas James said.

Rashmi Goyal

Startup Consultant

Rashmi Goyal is continuously working towards uplifting startups from around the world by providing them guidance, research and strategic solutions. Her expertise lays in digitalisation and strategic scaling of operations.

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