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From Johnson & Johnson To Israeli Tech Ecosystem Earlier this year, Richard Serbin joined Canadian-Israeli pharmaceuticals company InnoCan Pharma as a consultant. Now the former Johnson & Johnson Vice President and FDA Counsel is already making a major impact: this month he was a featured speaker with InnoCan's CEO Iris Bincovich at the iCDP Conference in Boston

By Josh Horowitz

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Courtesy of Richard Serbin
Richard Serbin

As 2021 starts to come down to its final months, the coronavirus pandemic has continued to engulf current events as well as global financial markets. Though many view the past two years as a weighing burden, some companies have viewed this time as productive, allowing them the time and space to enhance their internal blueprint and strengthen their organization. During this period, Canadian-Israeli biotech company InnoCan Pharma (CSE: INNO, FSE: IP4) made a strategic addition: drawing Richard Serbin, the former Vice President for Corporate Development and FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) Counsel of Johnson & Johnson, onto its Advisory Board.

For decades, Johnson & Johnson has been known as one of America's most prominent and prestigious multinational corporations, specializing in pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. While the company is recognized as a leading player in producing COVID-19 vaccines, it is equally considered one of the most highly valued tradable assets on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: JNJ) and is consistently engaged in product development with dozens of subsidiaries around the world.

Prior to joining J&J Serbin served as Chief FDA at Revlon, a multinational cosmetics company, in addition to sitting on the board of directors of J&J's 16 US and foreign subsidiaries. As the Vice President for Corporate Development and FDA Counsel, Richard Serbin was at the forefront of the pharmaceuticals industry.

Since completing his tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Serbin has founded a number of reputable and enterprises. He became the President of Medication Services, commercializing technology derived from Stanford Medical School. Additionally, he was a co-founder of Bio-Imaging Technologies, which utilized NASA's LANDSAT technology for clinical trials. Serbin also has been integral in building a number of American and multinational medical communication companies, including ones involved in cannabinoid (CBD) products, many of which have been acquired by major global conglomerates.

Richard Serbin was added to InnoCan Pharma's Advisory Board with the aim of enhancing the company's ability to navigate governmental regulations in the United States, Europe and other relevant pharma-tech markets. The company specialized in producing innovative CBD-loaded smart delivery systems which have the potential to repair cell damage in the lungs as well as the central nervous system (CNS). The company is engaged in the commercialization of CBD combined cosmetics such as creams, lotions, oils, serums, etc. With extensive experience in corporate strategy and development, Serbin is able to augment InnoCan and its seasoned management team towards greater product progression in the future.

Founded in 2018, InnoCan Pharma Corporation (CSE: INNO) (FSE: IP4) (OTCQB: INNPF) has developed several core departments in an effort to diversify and focus in order to attract high profile investors as well as reinforce the company's longevity. As an Israeli company, based in "Silicon Wadi" (a Middle Eastern pun of "Silicon Valley"), one of the company's essential advancements includes its strategic partnerships with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Together with the renowned institution and its enterprise arm Yissum, InnoCan Pharma is producing its Liposomes Platform Technology (LPT), a pharmaceutical area where Serbin's experience in progressing commercial products into international markets will cause a transformative effect for the company and its shareholders.

In the arm of liposome technology, Richard Serbin brings scientific experience and knowledge on path to commercializing products. Over the years, he has been affiliated with several organizations conducting advanced exosome research and alternative dosage delivery systems research and development. According to Serbin, he is confident that the Company's platform technology "has significant potential in many areas and can be advanced by the team at InnoCan Pharma, respectively. There are other aspects of the "smart delivery platforms" which could be advantageous for applications useful to third parties and could potentially be licensed to them."

Regarding InnoCan Pharma's scientific bona fides, Serbin has stated that he is "most impressed with the level of scientific rigor which they have demonstrated and the results which they have achieved." In addition, he believes that the Company "has a clearly defined goal and is moving forward to achieve results which will be beneficial to the medical community and patients. InnoCan should also be able to achieve significant market impact based on the therapeutic results which have already been demonstrated in recent studies."

From September 21-23, the 4th International; Cannabinoid Derived Pharmaceuticals (iCDP) Summit took place in in Boston, Massachusetts. The three-day conference featured speakers and presenters from across the global pharmaceutical industry as well as innovative biotech companies. According to the Summit, "an elite panel of speakers discussed critical topics such as rigorous clinical trial data exchange, guided discussion, and industry networking."

As a key member of InnoCan Pharma's Advisory Board, in addition to an experienced and important voice in the pharma-tech industry, In speaking to Richard Serbin about the event, he indicated that he was pleased to have participated at (iCDP) I believe that the opportunity to share the company's unique platform.

According to InnoCan Pharma's CEO Iris Bincovich, Serbin's participation at the Summit is considered a significant opportunity to promote the company to a crucial American and international audiences. InnoCan is listed on several global stock exchanges, including the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: INNO), the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE: IP4), and the OTC Ventures Market (OTCQB: INNPF).

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