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The Future Of Smoking: Which Company Is Poised To Disrupt This 2,000-Year-Old Industry?

SameTaste, an Israeli-based company, recently claimed to have achieved what all the major tobacco companies are actively seeking: a vape liquid that produces the exact same personal experience of legacy tobacco cigarettes

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Analysis: With Oceansix Agreement Signed, Alkemy Faces a Bright Future

With its innovative technology, Alkemy is addressing a significant global environmental challenge and the company has global ambitions as a result


This Platform Is Harnessing AI To Treat Diabetes

Dreamed's Endodigital treats diabetes patients through algorithms

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Why this Canadian-Israeli Stock Grew 121% This Year

Innocan Pharma operates three primary and distinct segments: research and development (R&D) of CBD-loaded exosomes, R&D of the use of CBD-loaded liposomes, and commercialization and sale of branded CBD-integrated pharmaceutical and topical treatment products


Story Of a Rising CEO Of Canadian CBD One-stop-shop

Ayurcann Holdings, led by CEO Igal Sudman, is one of Canada's youngest but most distinguished and nominated cannabis extraction and processing companies. The CEO reveals Ayurcann's 2022 strategic plan to key investors


The Scientists who Cracked Diabetes

Dr. Philip Moshe and Eran Atlas are possibly the most influential duo in the Diabetes world over the past two decades as the developers of the AI algorithms behind Medtronic's artificial pancreas and world's first Endocrinology digital expert

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