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How This Entrepreneur Combines Travel And Work As Two Passions Financial freedom and travel as his main passions, young entrepreneur Andrew Hristo explains to us how to travel and generate income at the same time

By Cristian Perez

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Andrew Hristo
Andrew Hristo

The opportunities are there for those who decide to go out and look for them. This was the case of Andrew Hristo, a 25-year-old entrepreneur who, from a very early age, was certain that he could bring his two purposes together in one context: working online and traveling the world. It was precisely this goal, the motivation he needed to leave his native south Australia for the US after high school.

However, his Internet business skills came to the fore at the young age of 13. And, since then the learning, experiences and growth—both personally and as a business—has been remarkable for this young, high-level entrepreneur. Standing out in areas such as influencer marketing, social media, personal training and e-commerce, Andrew has had the opportunity to develop in different areas and acquire knowledge of each one.

A motorbike was his first impulse

The dream of buying a motocross vehicle was Hristo's first reason to start working for his dreams. Instead of asking his parents, the 13-year-old devised his own way to earn money. He started importing products from China and marketing them on eBay. This allowed him to reach a sum of $20,000 in order to buy his first motorcycle.

This anecdote shows the importance of working with an objective. Even though he was a teenager, his impulse kept him focused to consider actions that would lead him to achieve his purposes and not to abandon the road at any time.

This Internet sales business continued for Hristo until he decided to start his own online projects. With extensive experience in technology, he continued to move into e-commerce by creating different websites to market various products. Subsequently, he created his own social media marketing agency, developed in the area of personal training and influencer marketing in the area of fitness, which were other ventures he founded.

Financial freedom and travel: his two passions

One aspect that has always remained clear in Hristo's eyes is the need to combine two aspects of his life that allows him to maintain his two passions: traveling and working with financial freedom. At only 25 years old, he has worked tirelessly to achieve this, without losing his passion for what he loves.

He is totally dedicated to his personal and professional growth, without leaving aside the possibility of traveling the world. How does he do it? Discovering the power of the Internet and the wide range of possibilities that this tool offers for the growth of any company has been one of the aspects that have served him best in his environment as an entrepreneur and for his lifestyle.

The keys of Andrew Hristo

Like many entrepreneurs, Hristo also has different keys that have accompanied him from the beginning to achieve each of the objectives he has set.

Taking action and taking the first step: According to this entrepreneur, "Too many people spend all their time planning and proposing ideas, but they don't execute them." So he considers it necessary to transform this fact by taking the first step.

According to Hristo, what you think you don't know you will learn on the journey to building a business. Being inspired by successful people you most admire is one of the best ways to dare to move forward.

Mentality—a key factor: For Hristo, mentality plays a key role in the success of a project. Managing stress, accepting failure, learning from it and keeping the mind on the right track in elementary and ensures one of the most important keys to success.

It emphasizes that a positive mind is elemental for the growth of a business and for its management in difficult times.

Work and dedication: Nothing that leads to success is achieved overnight. It is precisely for this reason that Hristo highlights work, effort and dedication as transcendental elements. Expecting to achieve all goals quickly can be disappointing to those who think this way.

Work with "ideal clients': This young man claims that it is necessary to work with clients who meet certain criteria. For example, they are profitable, that they do not cause problems and that they refer to other clients. People who are committed to growing with you and with whom you can set long-term goals.

Create a team: He emphasizes that this factor is key to the success of a business, in addition to delegating activities, to have time to meet all requirements. Hristo, advises tools such as Upwork for the creation of virtual teams of assistants that provide great value to the growth of a project.

Today, Hristo considers that he is just beginning his path of possibilities and experiences to live based on his work and lifestyle. He wants to make sure that in the future, he can look back and feel satisfied with having reached the maximum achievement in all aspects of his life. And he maintains with clarity that work and dedication are the engines that will lead him to it.

Cristian Perez

Co-Founder of Perez Media

Cristian Perez is the Co-Founder of Perez Media, a social media marketing agency that helps public figures and entrepreneurs to boost their social media profiles.


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