Investors' Top Techs: Cento Ventures' Mark Suckling Picks Top 3 Investments in Startups Cento Ventures' principal, Mark Suckling, who is considered as a deal fixer, shares that the VC focuses its fund on startups with proven digital business models

By Dipen Pradhan

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Managing investments, running accelerator programs, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across universities—Southeast Asia is sure in a prime position in building its startup ecosystem. With technology at the centre stage, it's no surprise that investors are betting aggressively on tech-driven startups.

The Singapore-headquartered Cento Ventures has its eyes fixed on Southeast Asia-based tech startups to capitalise on underserved geographies and industry verticals. Mark Suckling, principal of Cento Ventures, who is considered as a deal fixer, shares that the venture capitalist focuses its fund on startups with proven digital business models. Its aggregated internal rate of return (IRR) for investments up to Q1 2019 is 30 per cent.

Suckling picks the top-three investments from Cento's portfolio.

In Pics: Mark Suckling, Principal, Cento Ventures



Efficient payments infrastructure is an essential component of a well-functioning digital economy. 2C2P, as a cash and card payment processor, provides a comprehensive range of options for online merchants across the fragmented SE Asia payments landscape. We believe that 2C2P will continue to lead the comprehensive payments services tailored for the local needs of Asian and international businesses operating in Southeast Asia.



As Southeast Asia's middle class increases, so does the demand for better financial services. Jirnexu provides an end-to-end solution for banks and insurers to acquire customers online, while also tackling the challenges of incomplete consumer credit history. The company enjoys the unique position of being Asia's only full stack fintech solutions provider.



Going far beyond food delivery, we think that Grain represents the next step in digitisation of the food and beverages sector. The company's mission is to make sustainable food and accessible for everyone, from creating dishes to designing the perfect menu to going the extra mile to make a meal unforgettable. Applying technology throughout the food preparation and delivery process, Grain is "restaurant 2.0'.

(The article was first published in August-September 2019 issue of the Entrepreneur Magazine.)

Dipen Pradhan

Senior Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

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