It's Now Easier Than Ever To Invest in Chinese Cryptocurrency

Yuan Pay Group's cryptocurrency trading platform gives Western investors an early opportunity to profit off the growth of the rising Chinese economy, making it now easier than ever to invest in China

By Josh Horowitz


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According to global management consulting firm McKinsey, by 2022 China's middle class could consist of 550 million people. As the Chinese economy continues to rise, investors in the West and around the world have not been able to enter the market and finance highly-promising businesses in China. Now, through cryptocurrency, Yuan Pay Group is offering investors a digital solution.

Yuan Pay Group was founded in 2010, as the cryptocurrency market was just starting, with a mission to develop an innovative solution for investors to profit from the growth of China's national currency. While trading and/or any exchange of cryptocurrency was illegal in China until 2017, the company was determined to update the laws and become a global service provider to invest in Chinese companies.

As other cryptocurrency markets were going for tens of thousands of dollars a coin, Digital Yuan worked hard to form partnerships with major Chinese banks in an effort to soften the government's hard stance against the popular demand for Western technology. Today, YPG is the only company licensed on the global market to distribute the Digital Yuan in real-time, offering a crypto payment method for over one billion people across China in major business centers.

Yuan Pay Group allows all investors an easy gateway into safely trading the Chinese currency online in "less than five minutes" through the company's virtual trading platform. According to Yuan Pay Group, the potential of China's Coin is unmatched due to the digital currency's cooperation with the Chinese government, which no other cryptocurrency has, not even Bitcoin.

While the speculative value of one Bitcoin reached $62,000, the prospective value of the Digital Yuan comes with stability due to it solid backing by the massive Chinese economy. In October 2020, China experimented with digital currency, giving away $1.5 million dollars in cryptocurrency. The strategic trial was seen as the world's second-largest economy welcoming of digital currency, an enormous step forward for not only the Chinese economy but economic freedom for investors and consumers within the country.

According to the Yuan Pay Group's annual report and growth projections, the company rose by 27% and has a customer base of over 100,000 active daily users. The company has grown through organic marketing strategies and effective digital lead acquisition. The potential for YPG is staggering, most financial growth forecasts predict Yuan Pay Coin and the Digital Yuan enlarging by three to four times in the coming years.

Investing in Chinese digital currency has also been endorsed by two notable billionaire technologists: PayPal founder Peter Thiel and Virgin Group founder and owner Richard Branson. As Thiel calls the new Chinese crypto-market a "game-changer', Branson ensures his own self-investment due to the strong potential return on investment and the market's ability to expand across the globe.

As the Chinese economy and middle class expand into the future, the market for cryptocurrency in China will only grow. With major growth in its sights, Yuan Pay Group does not charge trading fees and accepts virtually all major financial institutions. Considering the recommendations of prominent investors like Thiel and Branson, investors should not miss Yuan's Pay Group's ahead of time offer to profit from China's economic growth and expansion into digital investment technologies.

Josh Horowitz

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