Kaplan and EduSpaze Come Together to Support Edtech Startups in Singapore The two organisations will collaborate to provide over 20 Singapore-based edtech startups an opportunity to learn about innovative edtech solutions that can help them with various business aspects and scale

By Shipra Singh

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Singapore-based education technology (edtech) accelerator EduSpaze has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kaplan, a global education provider, to support Singapore's edtech startup community and provide real-world learning opportunities for students in this.

The two organisations will collaborate to provide over 20 Singapore-based edtech startups an opportunity to learn about innovative edtech solutions that can help them with various business aspects, such as onboarding, logistics and operations, and in turn, scale the business.

EduSpaze is supported by the government agency Enterprise Singapore, which assists small and medium enterprise development, upgrade capabilities, innovate, transform, and internationalise.

"We are excited over the potential outcomes that the partnership between Kaplan Singapore and EduSpaze could yield, especially by presenting creative education technologists with the opportunity to ideate and co-create with the educators," said Kee Ai Nah, Executive Director, Enterprise Singapore.

"Today, as the processes of teaching and learning evolve quickly, with myriad options for parents and learners, educators constantly strive to engage more meaningfully and deliver content more effectively...Such partnerships could lead to a stronger value proposition, a better business model, increased productivity or new growth opportunities, both locally and regionally."

In June, the Singapore government announced the Singapore Together Alliances for Action aimed at propelling country's economic recovery and growth post-Covid-19 pandemic. Education technology is one of the seven key growth areas announced under this initiative.

"EduSpaze and Kaplan coming together, to foster innovation and better learning opportunities through real-world interactions with industry stakeholders in the edtech sector, is in line with this initiative," the company said in its statement.

Commenting on the partnership, Joe Keen Poon, President of Kaplan Singapore, said "At Kaplan, we are constantly reviewing our pedagogy to ensure we deliver on high quality and relevant programmes for our students to pursue lifelong learning and be career-ready professionals, and this partnership with EduSpaze is in line with this mission...With edtech identified as one of the key sectors under the Emerging Stronger Taskforce, we are pleased and committed to working with EduSpaze to do our part in supporting a vibrant local startup ecosystem."

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