Vurse Video Sharing Platform To Revolutionize Social Media With Hyper-Interactive Ecosystem The Vurse platform is developing its own unique blockchain to provide all of these benefits and power its deck of unique creative tools.

By Vikrant Agarwal

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Vurse is a short video sharing platform where people can apply creative flair to their videos, take full control of their content, and earn a share of the platform's revenue based on their activity levels.

Social media is experiencing renewed growth with a total of 4.9 billion active users in 2023, and a total market value rising to $230 billion. Although profits are still projected to increase, established names face stiff competition from rising new stars, buoyed by market trends and fresh ideas.

TikTok, and newcomer BeReal, are rapidly gaining traction while leaders Meta and X have struggled with innovation, and suffered rebranding setbacks the past few years. With another 1 billion users expected to enter the space by 2027, it is less assured than ever where newcomers will spend their online time.

Mixed Success

2022 was a bad year for Meta. For the first year since its inception the company failed to increase revenue from the previous year. Twitter experienced a similar anomaly, with reduced revenue for the first time since its launch in 2015. That same year TikTok doubled its revenue, growing from $4.69 billion to $9.4 billion and in 2023 the new authenticity-focused photo sharing app, BeReal, became the fastest growing social media site, with a 313% surge in user interest.

Issues with Social Media

The average time spent on social media by users in 2023 is almost 2.5 hours per day, with a plethora of platforms and a never ending stream of carefully serrated content at their fingertips. But with such a saturated market many aspects of social media are going in the wrong direction.

AI Algorithms keep people's feeds as addictive as possible, whilst data harvesting erodes privacy, and moderation practices have raised questions about free speech online. Users often don't own the rights to their own content, have no way to monetize it, and repeated data breaches have exposed millions of people's personal information to hackers.

A New Approach

These issues have given rise to a new generation of social media apps that focus on creativity, interactivity, ownership, authenticity, and shared revenue. One example of this is Vurse, a new Hyper-interactive short-video sharing app that uses AI and blockchain technology to provide next-gen tools for video creators, community voting, and even revenue sharing. This company's mission is to reward its users for being creative, and grow a community that can interact on a deeper, meaningful level.

What is Vurse?

Vurse is a short video sharing platform where people can apply creative flair to their videos, take full control of their content, and earn a share of the platform's revenue based on their activity levels. The Vurse platform is developing its own unique blockchain to provide all of these benefits and power its deck of unique creative tools.

The platform's use of observer AI technology has enabled new possibilities with advanced video tools that creators can use to make new and unique AR and VR videos. All users can create their own videos, participate in two unique challenges, vote on videos, and interact in a far connected way to turn ideas into art with the community.

Unique Challenges

The Vurse 'VS; and 'Guessing' challenges are unique to the platform, and offer users new creative opportunities. The VS challenge will be music to the ears of dance aficionados, as they will get the opportunity to face-off against other competitors in a 2-person, split screen dance challenge. Other users can watch the dance battle and place votes to determine the winner

The Vurse Guessing challenge allows video creators to add questions within their video that viewers can then guess. Everyone that participates in the challenges from creators to voters will be rewarded in points accordingly. This hyper-interactive approach is designed to bring users together by stimulating deeper connections, promote creativity, and grow the community simultaneously.

AI-Powered Experience

Advanced content analysis and 'observer' AI technology is at the core of the Vurse video creators experience. This technology makes a number of the platform's tools possible, and provides a uniquely creative experience for all creators.

The Vurse Advanced Camera Module leverages AI to help video creators make real-time adjustments based on their surrounding environment. Whilst filming, users can utilize the Customizable Recommendation System helps users their camera settings to adapt to their own unique style and creative preferences.

Video creators share their preferred settings (tools, filters, effects) with each other so newcomers can learn the styles of their favorite creators. All the while, the Vurse observer AI 'to analyzes the surrounding environment in a video and then applies special AR and VR features.

Beta App Deployment

Vurse (Beta) launched in India in October 2023 to gather feedback for development. In the first month the app recorded 110,000+ downloads, a 40% engagement rate, and 1.5 million event actions. With promising early results, Vurse plans to expand to MENA, (Middle East, North Africa) and Asia in 2024.

Cultural Shift

Social media is at the cusp of a cultural shift with new innovators implementing emerging technologies and stuttering progress of the old guard proving the catalyst for change. Personal data leaks, non-existent profit sharing, and an overarching lack of creative freedom have only added fuel to this fire.

Vurse looks to solve these issues whilst providing an environment where people can feel to be themselves, create unique content, share revenue with their peers, and not feel like they are a product themselves. The Vurse ecosystem takes full advantage of AI and blockchain to achieve these goals, offering a holistic, engaging, and interactive experience to everyone in its community.

Tokenization provides a solution to the revenue sharing problems that centralized platforms have been yet unable to solve, The Vurse platforms vast array of advanced tools, unique challenges and and community interactions are implemented in such a way that inspires collaboration and shared creative voice for a growing population of users, ready for change.

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