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Five Ways to Boost Your Startup's Online Presence Maintaining an online presence is not at all a difficult task and it can give phenomenal results

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In the world dominated by the internet, maintaining an online presence is of prime importance, especially if you're a startup. Online media has the largest shelf-life thus before purchasing your product/services, a customer will google you then they should be well-accustomed about the offerings and functioning. A strong online approach can target sales and business development.

Sharing a few tips that every startup should follow -

Website Building - A study suggests that 83% of the customers in 60 countries trust recommendations. Thus create your own recommendations on your website which is your first description of your work and portfolio. Add testimonials from your clientele, logos of the biggest clients and of course the case-studies that can help in generating the trust factor. On your website state the message very clear, as a visitor have a short attention span. Add links to the social media channels and hyperlinks to the other sub-pages so that the content can be directed and the visitor stays for a longer period of time.

Maintain a Blog - Maintain a blog that is well updated with your latest accomplishments and happenings around. While having a website is a prerequisite even than basic awareness about your product or service is not enough, your readers would like to engage and learn about what is happening behind-the-scenes, this will help them connect with your brand/product more easily and create an aided-recall. Thus create a blog and discuss the happenings, new offerings and culture, which will give your readers a platform to connect more. Use appropriate keywords and correct meta-description on your blog to generate more readers.

A blog is a 24x7 open platform to connect with everyone in the world. Make sure that the content updated is not plagiarized as the search engines are adept enough in recognizing it thus crawling the articles behind instead of forward.

Social Media Channels - Your social media channels should be well acted, it does not matter how many connections you have on these platforms but what matters is that it should be reaching the correct audience. Thus the idea is to promote an intelligent-engagement amongst the relevant audience. If a buyer of your product/service wishes to find your services, then definitely they will google for the online presence. Maintain active social-media channels and thus think about what will a customer search while looking for your services, add them as keywords on your website as it will be a kind of information to the search engine that the content searched is available.

Link-Building - Ever thought about writing a lot of help-based content and sending it to the relevant websites and in return getting the backlink directed towards your website. The link juice when directed towards a website, helps the search engines understand that the directed website has relevance. Thus increasing the domain importance for a longer run.

Maintaining an online presence is not at all a difficult task but yes time-consuming, as it takes patience and perseverance to make the content crawl and generate leads. Even if the domain authority reaches 20, then also it takes ample time and hard work to make it reach 30 and so on!

Create Content People Actually Want to Read - At last, the main power is the content, ask your customers about what would they like to read and create help-based content for them. Churn out interesting stories and growth stories for them to read. Maintain all the available help for them so it can help them grow. Once the content is made, disseminate it via your blog and make it reach your customers.
Roopali Pasricha Bhasin

Founder, SpotLYK Media


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