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The Importance of Problem Solving When Building a Business When you run up against an obstacle that seems insurmountable, the best thing to do is shift your perspective and try to look at it another way

By Jude Regev

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Something many successful entrepreneurs know is that you don't have to have an earth-shattering, game-changing idea to start a business. You just have to identify a problem and find a way to solve it. Sure, the thought of achieving overnight success with a billion-dollar idea is alluring, but the fact is that most of the successful business owners out there got to where they are by simply being good problem solvers along the way.

For anyone seeking a career change or considering starting a business and wondering how to approach it, some of the most important skills to brush up on are going to be your problem-solving skills. Here are some problem-solving approaches that could help aspiring entrepreneurs tackle the challenges that inevitably spring up along their way.

Take the Success Mindset

Approach each problem with a success mindset, which requires a specific set of skills and steps to problem-solving. The success mindset entails seeking out innovative ways to solve a problem by looking beyond what's already established, and never simply accepting that "this is the way it has to be done."

Once you begin to explore problems in this way, revolutionary solutions can appear that can disrupt and change systems for the better.

Change Your Perspective

Sometimes, when you run up against an obstacle that seems insurmountable, the best thing to do is shift your perspective and try to look at it another way. Turning a problem around and examining it from different angles can help you understand new possibilities.

This approach can help you in all kinds of situations, from the personal to the professional.

Keep it Going

Problem-solving is iterative. Trust me, you'll get a lot of practice using your problem-solving skills as you go through the process of building your business. You can have a plan, but issues will always crop up along the way, and you'll need to keep a clear head and app

Problems always emerge in new business models—those who are successful do not stop at their first iteration and are always looking beyond what's currently available in the marketplace of ideas. Sometimes the best way to tackle a problem is to create your own solution.

It may seem like an obvious point, but problem-solving is actually going to become the core of your business building strategy. Problem-solving is literally about creating value. That value will be the solution you offer your clients, as well as the solutions you create for yourself. The more value you create, the more your business will grow.

Jude Regev

Founder-CEO, Jointer and Element Zero Network


Jude's talent for developing effective digital ideas and big data solutions have resulted in successfully growing five companies and three successful exits., powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, is designed to help investors and property owners increase their returns, minimize risks, and improve liquidity in the commercial real estate industry. Element Zero is a not-for-profit organization that has developed a turnkey stablecoin platform that provides the ability for organizations and governments to launch stablecoins benefiting from the Element Zero Network’s stablecoin 2.0 methodology. Element Zero platform’s model is built to make the world a better place for all by protecting against long-term inflation and eliminating the possibility for any volatility.



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