Five Gadgets of 2019 You Should Not Miss

These smart gadgets may look unusual but they are designed to meet every entrepreneur's need

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Atypical life of an entrepreneur revolves around work, and work alone — inbox brimming with unread emails, hectic meetings, and a lot of travelling. They consecrate their work and without technology they might find it extremely difficult to juggle so many tasks at once. So innovative tech gadgets can help make life easier for entrepreneurs. Some high profile gadgets ranging from LG’s rollable TV to Nreal’s Mixed Reality Glasses were showcased at the annual Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas. Here’s the lowdown on some cutting-edge gadgets presented by some of the Asian companies at CES 2019.
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Ever heard of a foldable phone? Last year, Chinese tech giant Royole Corporation introduced the world’s first commercial foldable smartphone called FlexPai at an event in Beijing. The smartphone has a flexible screen, giving it the portability of a smartphone plus the screen size of a high-definition tablet. For entrepreneurs who don’t know what to buy — a smartphone or tablet — this might be the best answer.

Price: $1,600



Beijing-based Nreal, developer of mixed reality (MR) glasses, announced Nreal Light mixed reality glasses that are capable of achieving highly realistic interactions between digital avatars and the real world, powered by two onboard cameras. Its display has 52º Field of View (FoV), 1080p resolution for vivid 3D graphics, and low latency, which offers an immersive mixed reality experience.

Price: $1,000



For entrepreneurs, the most common challenge is travelling because it involves back-to-back meetings with new people in a new city. However, Ovis, the first AI-powered suitcase by Chinese robotics company ForwardX can save you from travel nightmares. The suitcase follows you by side autonomously, enabling a true hands-free and worry-free travel. With the help of algorithms, Ovis stays by your side at all times so you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder to see your luggage.

Price: $799



Do you love hosting parties at home? SonyGTK-PG10 could be your ideal match. The portable wireless speaker is best for enjoying music outside, whether it’s a party, a picnic or a camping trip. All you have to do is fold up the top panel and take the GTK-PG10 with you for room-filling sound that doesn’t use up too much floor space. Not only it plays music but also unfolds into a miniature table, a perfect place to put drinks.

Price: $250



Majority of smartphone companies are embracing the wireless trend. Singapore-based Creative Technology’s SXFI AIR series headphones would be a perfect fit for music enthusiasts. This Bluetooth and USB headphone has built-in Super X-Fi technology that provides holographic audio personalized to your own ears for an unbelievable headphone experience. It has an SD card slot, 50mm drivers, touch controls, and a customizable RGB light ring.

Price: $159.99

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