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Leveraging Tech To Build an E-Commerce Business Kamil Sattar used social media and Internet to dabble into drop-shipping of various items including fashion wear

By Andrew Shore

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Kamil Sattar
Kamil Sattar

Finding the strength of a market and making the most of it is a great skill, especially when one is focusing on starting a new business. This is what motivated Kamil Sattar who has been able to develop different shipping businesses, in addition to finding the key to business growth in different industries.

Beginning in 2015, Sattar's entrepreneurial spirit and his vision to find a balance between his passion and his growth as an entrepreneur kept him driven. His first project was Kamil Sattar Entrepreneurial, an idea inspired by his love as a hobbyist for high-end fashion.

Leveraging Internet

Sattar started buying and reselling high-end garments, as he had knowledge of where to acquire the best brands. He started his business by creating an account on Instagram and a website to market the products.

This journey effectively allowed him to raise enough money to undertake a new project. In 2017, Sattar opened a store with Shopify drop-shipping, focusing on phone accessories.

Although the Facebook ads seemed to be very challenging terrain for him for a long time, Sattar knew how to take advantage of it by finding the right product: an iPhone privacy screensaver that generated more than $20,000 in 2018.

Early days

Sattar says in his early days, the challenges and obstacles were not long in coming. One of the first was the negative comments about his desires and ideas he wanted to undertake. However, he ignored the comments.

His thought was, "They don't own a business, so why are they giving me advice on it? Don't listen to your friends."

He emphasizes that not listening to these comments was just enough to move forward. If he had done the opposite, he assures that he would have lost the opportunity to follow his passion and achieve the success he has achieved so far.

Trusting the Process

He emphasizes that, because of his inexperience, in the beginning, doubts always ran through his head. However, he points out that the most indispensable thing, regardless of the undertaking, is to trust in the process.

But, above all, one needs to trust in what they are doing, trust in their potential, and trust in what they can achieve by backing up their ideas with knowledge and skills. Check the facts and follow the right processes to achieve the best results.

Business Mentality

It is important to note that no one entrepreneur is the same as another. The remarkable capacity of each one to reinforce their skills and their mentality distinguishes them. For Sattar, leveraging the online space, aspects such as continuing to learn, trying to learn new things every day, notably strengthened his brain and improved his mentality.

Also, he points out that keeping one's mind focused on why they are in business, why they decided to undertake such a career, and why it is important to them, will help them understand not only where they are now, but also where they want to go and take the next step to get closer to the goal.

Beginning his career as a financial advisor, Andrew Shore earned a lot of exposure to various industries. He gradually established a strong foothold in the technical domain and now wishes to share his knowledge and expertise with others

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