Shop Online Practically Free At E-Commerce Shops With This App The SocialGood App gives you 100 per cent crypto back every day to shop practically free

By John Stanly

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John Stanly

With the increasing volatility in the crypto markets, people are now demanding increased functionality and use cases for cryptocurrencies, giving birth to the "stable coin movement'. As a result, from Wall Street to JP Morgan Chase, there is an increased need for companies and cryptocurrencies that can provide viable services while maintaining stability and adaptability.

This has led to the birth of the SocialGood App, an innovative take on using digital assets to tackle income inequality worldwide. The SocialGood team created an app that offers 100 per cent crypto back for shoppers at large online stores, including eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Best Buy and Nike. Through shopping via the app, anyone can receive the crypto, SocialGood (abbreviated SG).


Founder and CEO of Social Good Foundation Inc., Soichiro Takaoka, is a serial entrepreneur based in Tokyo, Japan. He created SocialGood to introduce an application where users can get crypto assets from simply shopping.

The Social Good Foundation Inc. recently received approval for its business innovation plan by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Japan. The approval provides strong public support by the Japanese government for low-interest loans, reduced patent-related fees and prolonged support to expand overseas. The company has already obtained several patents for using cryptocurrency to give consumers cashback, rewards and point redemptions.

The innovative company's blockchain system is designed to distribute the token SG for free while shopping and help reduce the widening income inequality gap.

The SocialGood App

The SocialGood App has over 1,800 large e-commerce shops, including eBay, Amazon, AliExpress, Lazada, and more.

Since its launch, popularity has risen, with individuals buying daily necessities such as masks and food items and big-ticket items online daily.

Purchases made through the app are eligible to receive up to 100 per cent crypto back. All you do is purchase goods online in fiat currency and receive SG back. It's indeed that simple! The more you shop, the more crypto you can accumulate. SG is known for its increase by 7,529 per cent since its initial listing, so you can expect to get a cryptocurrency on the rise.

The SocialGood Team aspires to reduce the gap between those who already have assets and those who do not.

This revolutionary mechanism whereby simply using the SocialGood app to shop for everyday items, users can build assets with confidence without any additional money. The maximum purchase amount per transaction is 500 USD during the 100% crypto back promotion, but all shoppers can make unlimited transactions.

The app is user-friendly and is available on both iOS and Android. Users have already started withdrawing thousands of dollars worth of SG, as per recent Twitter feedback using the hashtag #SocialGoodApp_CryptoBack, showing proof of their large sums of accumulated SG.

A unique referral system is also in place where any app user can share their invitation code and earn 25 USD worth of SG. The 25 USD worth of SG is also available for referees after their first purchase is completed.

There are hordes of other apps and crypto back services that allow users to get Bitcoin through shopping; that's an undeniable fact. However, SocialGood is the only company in the world that has obtained a patent for a mechanism to offer crypto back for shopping.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos has become the world's number one retailer in the Internet age, overcoming numerous competitors because of its one-click patent. The SocialGood App is also likely to become the best crypto back app in the world because it has obtained the first crypto back patent.

The promising future: Will SocialGood outpace DogeCoin?

The price of the SocialGood asset has already increased by 7,529 per cent since its listing, and the concept is simple and similar to how Bitcoin works.

As it is well-known, the price of Bitcoin is proportional to the number of Bitcoin holders. Similarly, as SG becomes more popular and the number of SG holders increases, the price of SG will inevitably increase as well. Looking back, DogeCoin can now be thought of as an example of rapid growth in popularity.

As the value of SG increases, the utility value of the app that gives you SG for free rises, consequently leading to more users. As the number of SG app users increases, the number of SG holders will increase, and the value of SG will further increase. Thus, this business model creates a continuous virtuous cycle leading towards growth. This is called the Network Effect.

Currently, the number of SG holders is estimated to be 230,000 (as of May 2021). Soichiro Takaoka estimates the number of holders will reach one billion in the near future. With over 7.8 billion people in the world right now it's hard to think that many people would be against a service offering virtual currency for free by shopping for what they love.

Takaoka believes that not many will reject this offer. In fact, 55 per cent of e-commerce users say they want cash back on their purchases in a recent survey. The return rate of existing cashback apps is about 1 per cent to 5 per cent of the total shopping amount, and there are tens of millions of users of such apps. In comparison to the up to 100 per cent crypto back offered in the SocialGood App, it's clear to see what the better option would be.

When the number of SG holders (SocialGood App users) increases to more than 23 million, which is 100 times the current number, its price will increase 100 times the current value.

This is because the mechanism is similar to how Bitcoin and Dogecoin works, wherein the price goes up as the number of holders increases.

SG is listed on Bittrex and other crypto exchanges such as Uniswap and BitMart, making the coin easily redeemable across the globe. SG's price can easily be checked on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, etc.

As more and more people around the world want to shop for free and use the SocialGood App, the amount of SG holders will inevitably increase. And like Bitcoin, SG will continue to gain popularity and increase in value thanks to its virtuous cycle. The day that SG will become as popular as Dogecoin may be just on the horizon.

It's up to consumers to decide whether or not to believe the bold claims of the SocialGood Team. But in an objective opinion, with all that is offered for free, there doesn't appear to be any risk in giving it a try.
John Stanly

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