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This Canadian Company Is Taking Over the AdTech Market. Here Is What Investors Need To Know Zoomd Technologies' ($ZMDTF, $ZOOMD) marketing technology and expansion into large and strategic global markets, including Eastern Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia, has its stock soaring and investors invested for 2021

By Josh Horowitz

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As the coronavirus pandemic has spread from country to country, continent to continent, populations were encouraged and then legally enforced to endure lockdowns. As the year went by, outdoor activities declined and online user activity rapidly increased in an already digitally obsessed age. What else increased? The demand for accurate virtual advertising technologies and the ability to reach targeted audiences on a global level.

In the digital age, high-performing marketing technology is crucial to gaining access and engagement from Internet users around the world. Whether it is a Fortune 500 company, small or online-only business, branding the company on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and others are vital to reaching potential customers. This is where Canadian digital advertising company Zoomd Technologies (TSXV: ZOMD) is leading the growing industry so that businesses can better compete in today's virtual landscape.

Founded in 2012, Zoomd Technologies began as an internal search engine, allowing publishers a state-of-the-art site engine to further accurately capture potentially interested users with digital campaigns and profit from e-commerce technologies. The company was founded by Amit Bohensky, Ofer Eitan, Omri Argaman, and Niv Sharoni, a combined team of Israeli entrepreneurs and mobile technology and marketing specialists.

In 2017, after making some shrewd acquisitions, Zoomd merged with Moblin, a worldwide mobile advertising player which reaches potentially interested users by utilizing advanced marketing methods on mobile applications and other targeted sites in order to increase user acquisition, engagement, monetization, and boost revenue.

Zoomd is actively working with Google Ads, Quora, Reddit, Apple Search Ads, Verizon Media and other major global social media platforms and publishers, in addition to device manufactures and operators such as Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon and Adobe. According to the company, Zoomd's systemized platform attracts over half a billion daily events via 600 media channels and sources.

During the year of the coronavirus, like so many innovation-based businesses, Zoomd drove full speed ahead, launching their SaaS platform allowing advertisers and publishers to design and structure their digital marketing campaigns, elevating user experience as well as efficiency. The system is organized with a personalized dashboard, along with artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the algorithm, increase data points and protect businesses from online fraud.

In 2021, Zoomd has already announced its entry into two new global markets, expanding its reach into Eastern Europe as well as East and Southeast Asia.

Earlier this month, the company's shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange (ZOMD) rose significantly, above fifty per cent during a two-day period. The increase in value was directly correlated to the news of Zoomd's acquisition of the talented Japan-based adtech startup Performance Revenues. Performance Revenues has several NASDAQ-listed clients and the deal opens Zoomd's reach into the Japanese market, in addition to influential and significant access to other leading global publishers and marketing firms.

Zoomd Technologies then also signed with GMA Networks, a prominent Filipino news and sports outlet, with over 200 million monthly visitors. Now, we learn this week that the company signed an agreement with, the owner and manager of the most visited sports sources in Poland with over 44 million monthly visitors. Zoomd's latest partnership will allow its advanced search engine technology to be accessible to large and strategic markets in Eastern Europe.

In the past few years, Zoomd Technologies has expanded its operations in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Korea, and other strategic countries. The company's prospects for 2021 are wide-reaching; and with connections to the major networks and publishers, in addition to top-ofthe-line technology, for investors and businesspeople, Zoomd Technologies is worth the Internet search.

Josh Horowitz

VC Investor. Passionate about Cybersecurity, BioTech & Cannabis

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