TRON And DAO Maker Forms Partnership To Expand Blockchain Ecosystem The alliance will look into possibilities of having on-board initiatives that are retail focused

By Moyn Islam

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Trying to classify TRON's Justin Sun as an underdog in the blockchain space is a tough call. His technological abilities might be limited compared to his counterparts such as Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum or Gavin Woods of Polkadot. Nevertheless, this doesn't diminish him in his own "TRON universe'. Against all odds, Sun seems to be waxing stronger towards building a TRON base full of innovations and strategic partnerships with strokes of brilliance.

The latest TRON partnership with DAO Maker is a clear reflection to what extent TRON is poised towards expanding its blockchain ecosystem. This strategic partnership with DAO Maker will breathe new life into TRON as DAO Maker will integrate all of its cross chain functions of fundraising, incubation and other shades of growth-prone services into the TRON network, along with a possibility of having on-board initiatives that are retail focused.

DAO Maker is a brain child of Christoph Zaknun that was launched in 2018. It came with the mandate of solely providing an authentic funding framework for startups and reducing investor risk at the same time. Over time, DAO Maker has proven itself as an organization that creates growth technologies. Some of its key functions to-date include Community incubation, Fundraising, Provision of support/tech for other growth related tokenized businesses, and seamless feature of community growth-prone features like social mining SaaS. It also offers DYCO & SHO for upcoming venture bonds, fundraising support and yield to create a 100 per cent safe environment for investors to thrive.

TRON on the other hand possesses additional seniority in the blockchain space among the two, functioning as a dedicated public blockchain for accelerating decentralized internet technologies. Founded in 2017 by Sun, TRON team has been able to stay on top of their game by ensuring tremendous achievements to its followers. Listed on over 130 exchanges worldwide, TRON is one of the most promising blockchain projects in the industry. With the bold vision of "Decentralizing the Web', TRON prides itself in having over 30 billion users with over 1.8 billion transactions recorded on the blockchain. 2018 was a remarkable year for TRON as several key milestones were achieved including the launch of its main net, TRON virtual machine, TRON network independence & the acquisition of BitTorrent; a fully decentralized pioneer service that catapulted TRON's active user base to over 100 million.

Commenting on this strategic partnership, Sun, the Founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent stated: "We are excited to be partnering with an industry leader like DAO Maker to bring cross-chain community incubation and fundraising to TRON. This partnership is part of TRON's commitment to its community to expand the functionalities of the blockchain through world class strategic partnerships."

This new partnership is rather fruitful for both TRON & DAO, as DAO maker is expanding its influence beyond the Ethereum chain by extending its ecosystem with a daily addition of over 100,000 active users, therefore accelerating adoption and ultimately facilitating wealth creation.

On the other hand, current and future projects running on TRON will gain more traction, investments as well as public trust.

In turn, opportunities are offered to DAO Maker such as allowing them to tap into TRON's growing community, vibrant ecosystem and vice versa. DAO Maker, known for its Strong Holder Offerings, will provide unfettered access for projects building on TRON to raise funds through their unique SHO. This will certainly benefit the DAO Maker community as they will have increased SHO projects to participate in.

Having been great innovators in the crypto space, they both have made progressive strides in the field of decentralized finance. DAO Maker befalling as the number one launchpad within the DeFi space and TRON enjoying the partnership and support of many heavyweights in the crypto-space. Sequentially, DAO Maker will bring better prospects as well as further possibilities to the TRON ecosystem.

In addition to the exciting work that has been taking place at DAO Maker, a new trading competition in partnership with OKEx was launched with exciting prizes to offer. OKEx exchange is one of the most trustworthy and reliable trading platforms. This initiative comes days after DAO Maker's native token listing on OKEx trading exchange.

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