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VIC Rewards and XcelTrip Bring Blockchain-Enabled Vitality Packages To Consumers Currently, the two companies are working in tandem to raise the stakes and bring consumer wellness value to the medical tourism space

By Entrepreneur Staff

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In a significant development in medical tourism, CEO of XcelTrip, Gyanendra Khadka and Dr. Richard Satur, CEO of VIC Rewards, are joining hands and e-commerce platforms are entering into a partnership to dominate the space worldwide. Together, the business-duo plans to create synergy to take on the ASEAN, Indian and Korean wellness and vitality digital market space. Currently, the two companies are working in tandem to raise the stakes and bring consumer wellness value to the aforementioned markets.

The partnership between XcelTrip and VIC Rewards is a unique and promising one. To understand the unique value proposition of their collaboration through VIC Rewards, one has to first look at these two companies separately and then together.

XcelTrip is an OTA Platform that presently accommodates over 2.4 million hotels and 450 flights globally. VIC Marketplace, alternatively, specializes in wellness, wellbeing, anti-aging, and therefore, vitality products and services. By 2021, VIC Marketplace is projecting to on-board over 500 merchants into their platform. Now, through VIC Reward, the two companies will come together to create and explore the pre-existing wellness market for medical tourism. Their integration will be exploring opportunities for wellness and medical tourism in the ASEAN, Korean and Indian Markets. Not only is South Korea—one of the world's most popular medical tourism destinations—but the three regions combined also hold 1/4th of the total world population. Similarly, researchers and respective government ministers are also placing high hopes on the growing the medical-tourism market of South Korea and India. All market indicators are signaling a lucrative partnership for XcelTrip and VIC Marketplace.

Most importantly, consumers are the ones who will benefit the most from this partnership. Khadka says, "With VIC Marketplace on board XcelTrip is in the position to offer great consumer value. Imagine being able to tailor a package that specifically meets your schedule, budget, requirements, healthcare objectives, and goals. That is a powerful message for all people, regardless of where they live in the world."

XcelTrip currently offers 50-plus categories and more than 20,000 products. Via "Vitality Packages" offered through VIC Rewards, consumers will have the freedom to customize their travel packages focusing on their needs and budgets. Now consumers shall not have to abide by generic travel packages offered by travel companies. The respective platforms, which are underpinned by blockchain technology, will also be able to suggest vitality focused alternative package offerings for medical travellers to improve their health and wellness, hence their vitality. Community members of VIC Rewards and XcelTrip will also get an opportunity to earn healthcare loyal rewards which they can, in turn, spend on their tailored Vitality Packages.

CEO of VIC Rewards, Dr Satur says, "Not only are we planning on offering Vitality packages, but we will also engage partners to offer DeFi related products such as insurances, loans and medical device leases. Our partnership with XcelTrip will focus on bringing true value to consumers, who are sometimes patients, through our combined decentralised e-commerce platforms."

Their partnership currently has a combined community that exceeds over 750,000 members. The shared vision of two platforms to offer Vitality Packages and to elevate consumer value via VIC Rewards will go online by the end of 2020.

Entrepreneur Staff

Entrepreneur Staff


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