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A 26-year-old Entrepreneur Shares Lessons Learned As a Woman Entrepreneur Taylor Ping, a self-started entrepreneur, understands the power of passionate pursuit in chasing an idea, a dream, and a goal

By Shishir Jajoo

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Taylor Ping

As kids, we all have that "when I grow up…" conversation. We dream of the day we can pursue a career in something we love. Some dreams may seem unrealistic, yet others are absolutely possible if one chooses to truly make it happen. Passions for a specific industry don't happen without a purpose. Taylor Ping, a self-started entrepreneur, understands the power of passionate pursuit in chasing an idea, a dream, and a goal. She has dedicated her life to starting new businesses, challenging herself to make the most of her ideas, and growing in every area of her life. However, throughout her time, she had to undergo challenges that only made her stronger and more passionate about her work. The lessons she's learned have only pushed her to be the best she can be in everything that she does.

Mindset over matter

As a woman, it is a natural inclination to look to men to be a protector figure and provide a sense of security. Men are to be leaders, however, that doesn't mean that they are to be the only ones leading. Taylor battled this idea that entrepreneurship was geared towards men and it might not be such a women's world after all. Believing she might get crushed under the weight of trying to provide and sustain herself in business was one of the major mindset shifts she underwent in the beginnings of her entrepreneurial journey. "I realized, I can do this on my own," reiterates Taylor. She believed in her heart and mind that she could make her dreams a reality. She took the leap independently, and she hasn't looked back since.

Create your own reality

When Taylor had her "when I grow up…" idea as a kid, she knew she wanted to make something of herself in the business world. Once she made it to college, she had already made an effort to be an independent consultant for multiple businesses as well as planning and attending events. She'd made her way back into the college scene only to feel like she was wasting her time if it wasn't spent working on her business ideas and ventures. Taylor knew her passions, knew her talents, and she made those ideas a reality because she knew she could. "I always hold that I will create what I want for myself," says Taylor, and her mentality has helped her succeed exponentially.

Weakness can be strength

The third major lesson Taylor learned throughout her business journey is that your weaknesses can be fuel to strengthen you. Being a self-started entrepreneur, you have to undergo long hours, heavy responsibilities, and dealing with costly decisions: day in and day out. The grind doesn't stop in the entrepreneurial world. Some days, you're going to have some heavy situations, however, Taylor has learned to embrace the weak moments, and use them as fuel to grow. Many people tend to look at the negatives and use them as an excuse, but Taylor believes you have the power to control how you react and respond to your environment. More importantly, you can change your situation if you put your mind to it.

Keeping it real

Knowing what you want to do with your life is not something to waste. Passions are placed in each and everyone of us, and Taylor's passion is being a strong and independent entrepreneur. Starting a variety of different companies, Taylor is experienced and always looking for new ways to grow in her knowledge and expertise.

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