Arthur Wilson

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Arthur is a digital marketing consultant specialising in advising small businesses and startups. He works closely with brands including Workstars and is passionate about helping organisations to better engage their people and create thriving cultures.


Operations & Logistics

How Hierarchical Task Analysis Can Help Organisations Achieve Operational Excellence

Procedural errors cause delays, create more mistakes, and affect quality and service, too. So how can businesses refine operations to improve outcomes and consistency?

Business Culture

Are We Doing Enough to Encourage People Back to the Workplace?

As the landscape of work continues to evolve, the question arises: What can we do to make our workspaces places people actively want to return to?

Science & Technology

4 Key Health Tech Trends for Businesses in 2024

This year, healthcare faces the influence of pivotal societal drivers: an aging population, the rise of transformative technologies shaping the healthcare landscape, and persistent global economic uncertainties.

Business Culture

Why Great Office Design Has Never Been More Important

Organizations invested millions creating spaces employees want to be in. Now, in an age where more of us are working away from a centralised place of work, office design has paradoxically become even more critical.


Prioritising Marketing Budgets During Economic Uncertainty

Now is an important time to take stock of all your current marketing efforts and to decide which areas you should continue focusing on, and in which activities there are potential savings to be made — either to re-invest or to add to a financial business buffer.


How Can We Make European Businesses Greener?

What practical steps can we take to not only prove our green credentials but make a lasting, positive impact on our planet? Let's explore the basics.

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