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5 European Havens for Digital Nomads Europe has many beautiful destinations to offer, and a varied selection of landscapes and experiences to immerse yourself in. Here are some top suggestions for digital nomads looking for something a little bit different.

By Erhan Korhaliller

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A digital nomad is a person who, thanks to the wonders of modern-day technology, is able to make their living working remotely from any place in the world. Sounds like a dream, right?

As a digital nomad myself, I'm lucky enough to say that this is my reality. As the founder and CEO of a digital PR agency specializing in blockchain PR, I get to travel to some of the most exciting crypto events all over the world on a regular basis. But, I'm also the kind of person who can't spend too much time in one place for too long; travel is part of who I am.

And to be honest, most of my team is the same. If you put together all the places we've called home, you'd get an amazing array of incredible locations. As their CEO, I truly see how my team members take fresh energy from each new place they visit, and how they get inspired by the cultures and people they meet.

Europe has many beautiful destinations to offer, and a varied selection of landscapes and experiences to immerse yourself in. Here are some of my top suggestions for digital nomads looking for something a little bit different:

1. Poznan, Poland

In recent years, Poznan has flourished into the "it" place of Poland. It's a great compromise if you're looking to take a break from big cities, but you're not quite ready to settle for a small town just yet. Whether you're looking for some great restaurants, spectacular theater, classical exhibitions or interesting historical places to visit -- you'll find it all in Poznan.

And let's not forget the Polish prices -- you can rent a one bedroom apartment in one of the most hip neighborhoods of Poznan for just £400 ($515 or €500). A nice dinner with a glass of wine will cost you no more than £15 (€18 or $20).

The location is very convenient too. Tucked away in the west of Poland, you can get to Berlin from Poznan in just two hours.

2. Istanbul

For many people, Istanbul is that magical, exotic place where the West meets the East. For me, being half-Turkish, it's a special place that feels a little more like home.

All digital nomads interested in moving here will be happy to hear about the relatively cheap costs of living -- you can rent an entire apartment for roughly £400 ($515 or €500) a month.

Other reasons people visit Istanbul include both the stunning architecture and the fascinating history of this city. Located between two continents, you can really enjoy the best of both worlds here. And that also means that you can easily travel anywhere you like from Istanbul -- Asia is just around the corner (literally, over the Bosphorus Bridge) and mainland Europe is only hours away.

3. Barcelona, Spain

If you're in need of some sun and heat, Barcelona can be your little corner of heaven for the next few months. It doesn't really need much introduction -- fascinating architecture, some of Gaudi's grandest masterpieces, stunning beaches and most importantly the amazing ambiance of this place.

Unlike many other Western European cities, Barcelona is relatively cheap; if you plan your expenses well you can live off £1,100 to £1,700 (€1,260 to €1,950 or $1,400 to $2,200) a month. Transportation is very convenient, too, so you can easily get anywhere you want without a car.

With more and more digital nomads moving here, you can find plenty of international friends to explore the city with, and of course the beach is an excellent place to meet people.

I'd recommend moving to Barcelona in the winter months; the climate is mild and you can gently recharge your batteries as you escape the winter blues.

4. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

When hearing about Bulgaria most people think of the city Sofia. And even though Sofia is an exciting place to visit, there is so much more to this Balkan country than just its capital.

For the digital nomads who are looking for more off-piste places, Plovdiv would be a wise choice. Even though this picturesque town is quite small, it really has everything you could need -- including very fast internet connection.

Most digital nomads coming here praise Plovdiv for how cheap and relaxing it is. For just £300 (€345 or $390) you can rent yourself an apartment in the city center and spend no more than £500 (€575 or $645) on all your other expensive while enjoying nights out, good food and drinks.

5. Utrecht, the Netherlands

A visit to the Netherlands usually means a trip straight to Amsterdam, but if you're a curious traveler and want to see the "real" side of this quaint country, you might want to consider giving Utrecht a go.

You can find typical Dutch scenery there -- a medieval old town, charming houses and canals ... it really has everything that Amsterdam has to offer -- apart from the crowds of tourist. Plus, with much better prices, you can easily live here for £1,200 to £1,600 (€1,350 to €1,800 or $1,550 to $2,000) a month.

Like any other Dutch city, Utrecht is a very progressive and tolerant place, so you can feel welcome here, no matter where you're coming from. There are a lot of students and young people living in Utrecht, so you can be sure that the nightlife here is not boring either.

No matter which of the above you choose to visit next, I'm sure you will be positively surprised. Europe is an amazing place full of great towns ready to be discovered, so if you have any great recommendations I'd love to hear them. Any secret hot spots? Hidden gems? After all, digital nomads, like us, are constantly looking for new adventures.

Erhan Korhaliller

Founder and CEO at EAK Digital

Erhan Korhaliller is an entrepreneur and PR professional with a focus on future technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT, AR and VR. His PR firm EAK Digital successfully services clients from every continent, enabling him to live the true digital nomad lifestyle.
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