Aarti Pandey

Co Founder, Folk Fitness

Being the ‘Mind’ of Folk Fitness, Aarti Pandey co-founded Folk Fitness in August 2015. With a motive to bring together India’s rich culture and the thirst for fitness, Aarti wanted to bring forth a fitness form for all age groups aiming to make India a fit country.
Started her journey with Bharatanatyam for strong classical dance knowledge, Aarti founded Pune’s premier Dance academy DDLL in 2010 as her first and very successful entrepreneurial endeavor.

This venture further expanded to launch Fiber Fitness Services Pvt. Ltd in 2013. Aarti has learnt Indian folk dances for many years under the expert guidance of Late Indumati Lele and represented Maharashtra and India at many national and international dance competitions.



An Entrepreneurial Idea for Fitness Freaks

In an ever-expanding fitness industry, it can seem like a mammoth task to start a new business and achieve longevity

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