An Entrepreneurial Idea for Fitness Freaks

In an ever-expanding fitness industry, it can seem like a mammoth task to start a new business and achieve longevity

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Sir Thomas John Watson once rightly said, "To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart."


Everyone has been told or at least heard this quote once in their lives, but, do they essentially go by it? Do you find one going for that one thing that defines him/her, or you find them confined to what they think is right according to the society? Or even if you do, how often?

In an ever-expanding industry and such a fast-paced field, it can seem like a mammoth task to start a new business and most importantly, achieve longevity.

But despite a crowded market, there are still many opportunities to make it happen.

In today's hectic world, we barely get time to take care of our health and wellbeing, however, surprisingly, on an off chance we see the younger generations in metro cities, taking the risks of life and following their dreams, the fitness industry in this context.

Not just the young, even housewives, people from the corporate world and aged people also prefer to opt for yoga or gym to keep themselves fit, after all, who wouldn't prefer to carry on with a sound and healthy lifestyle.

Activities that Keep You Fit

It has been observed that 75-80% people prefer gym and walking/running to keep themselves fit, their preferred style could be traditional or functional.

Around 6.70% keep themselves fit through playing a different kind of sports, varying from MMA, football, basketball etc. A rough 20% use different forms of dance like Hip-hop, Salsa, Aerobics.

They claimed that they preferred dancing to stay fit, believe in getting fit in a natural way and not through machines.

There are numerous gyms, recreation centers, gadgets, watches, belts, food and nourishment supplements, machines which claim to burn your calories and give you the right body, shape, and weight. But, ultimately, to achieve this, one needs the right coach, right trainer and right mentor and along with that an immense willpower and passion to follow their dreams.

One needs a holistic fitness support to achieve their fitness goals in a cost-effective manner at a place and time of their convenience. Innovative fitness ideas only attract more customers and clients for any organization.

Take for instance an arrangement like a train the trainer program, this ensures the organization their clients, but at the same time leaves a place for their individuality and scope for a career choice for their clients.

Such fitness institutions get a lot of positive feedback from happy trainers who've now become a sensation in their respective communities and are able to help themselves and their families with a little extra income in addition to finding themselves in the process.

For a happier and safer tomorrow, here are some of the hottest and upcoming fitness business trends to spice up your life.

Fitness Routine with a Quirky Touch

Over the many decades, Dance has undeniably risen to become the most widely recognized fitness brands on the planet. With 122 registered folk dance styles in India, once you are fully trained and have established yourself, the instructors' network provides with a wide range of resources to aid you with business support and help you expand your client base. Not only is dancing great for weight-loss, it builds and strengthens your bones. But you're not just working your body while you dance you're working your brain too. Memorizing dance moves and learning rhythm involves the brain and leads to a lower risk of dementia.

Become a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are a crucial component in the realm of athletics. And all it takes is some education and perseverance. Physical therapists recommend the use of fitness measures such as functional strength tests (e.g., sit-to-stand), functional aerobic capacity tests (e.g., shuttle run) and skill-based fitness measures (e.g., paediatric balance scale) to gather the student's baseline and monitor progress.

Become a Personal Trainer

Personal training has always been a market with a lot of potentials. Most rec centres and gyms are glad to sign on mentors/coaches either on an independent or in-house premise, and it isn't horribly hard to acquire the appropriated qualifications.

Take a route of Physical Education

Ever since our delightful childhood to the growing up days in our respective schools and colleges, continuous exposure towards physical education was must-to-know. Ever wondered that why our PE trainers took the route of fitness as their career options? Well, probably it was out of passion back then, but it has truly transformed as of today's scenario. Increasing number of people are opting for fitness as their preferred career choices, due to immense scope of work, the industry promises to offer today.

"Don't live the life you're told you should Live the life that you truly want." This is something one must live by and keep reminding themselves religiously. It's time for us to come out of our shells and admit that we want more. Let's be honest with each other and ourselves about what we want out of life. Let's truly support each other and push each other and not take any excuses. We simply should be the heroes of our own lives. I was ready to dust off my cape and step into that role.

Are you?