Abhilash Narahari


Abhilash sees the world through numbers, market research and analysis. He has worked with ITC Foods as a project manager for new product introductions. During his time there, he was involved in all aspects of new product introductions - from conceptualizing, testing and creating new product offers to ensuring manufacturing capability.

Abhilash graduated from IIT Kharagpur, where he was an active part of the entrepreneurship cell. Always interested in solving business cases, he also led his college team to multiple case study victories.

With Elanic, Abhilash wants to provide the easiest and simplest way to sell pre-loved products, so that people automatically turn to Elanic when they think of selling. He wants to personify the tagline ''Simply Sell''. 


Starting a Business

How To Build a Reselling Platform in India

In case of reselling platforms, every consumer is going benchmark your company against the classifieds - Olx, Quikr

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