Achin Bhattacharyya

Co-founder & CEO of Notebook

Achin Bhattacharyya, Co-founder & CEO of Notebook, pursued this dream to provide access to learning for the primary and secondary school education in India.

With the inclusion of all major boards and outreach to urban and rural classes of the country at affordable price points, Notebook is an effort to provide access to easy and efficient learning for school students.

To provide quality content aligned to the syllabus, Notebook has a highly qualified team of content developers and an advisory board of senior educators, who have helped in ensuring the highest quality standards, that is validated across multiple schools. Care was also taken to provide best-in-class creative elements and technology.

In the highly competitive edtech sector, Notebook stands out with its exceptional features delivering accessibility to knowledge with better functionality and efficiency. They take special care to make the reach as simple as possible by converting each and every topic into concise audio-visual form, delivering through cloud-based architecture that can be streamed on any personal devices.

Notebook is focused on bringing more features and functions to act as an aid for the purpose of making the process of learning more inclusive



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