Amtosh Singh

Co-Founder, PropShop24

Amtosh's journey with gifting started with his firm, Far Left Retail Pvt Ltd. Realizing the need for off-beat gifting options; he co-founded "PropShop24‟, India's first online out-of-the-box brand that has collaborated with over 500 companies to create a marketplace of unique design led products. During the course of building PropShop24 he soon discovered one of his most tightly held business learnings; “Watch your numbers like a hawk. Orders, customers, cash flow, margins etc; you need to be looking at those numbers carefully at least thrice a week.”

Determined to not let "PropShop24‟ become just another e-commerce website, he pays special attention to the quality and relevance of the products added to the website. Focusing on getting the right brands on board instead of having a thousand brands. They have recently expanded into food, blue label products, beauty and jewellery as well. Attempting to test his brand in the brick and mortar format, he also opened a store at Flea Bazaar Café in Lower Parel.


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