Anubha Verma

Chief Technology Officer

Anubha Verma is the Chief Technology Officer of RentSher, the leading online product rental
marketplace. In this role, Anubha is responsible for the functioning, maintenance, and further
development of the technology-driven platform used by RentSher to connect users to rental
businesses in their active markets in India and the Middle East. Anubha leads and manages
RentSher’s technology development initiative, spearheading the company’s technical team in
systems architecture, front-end development, quality control, and digital marketing (SEO and

Anubha, a leading technology and product engineer, is a graduate of the Indian Institute of
Technology, Delhi, where she completed the integrated 5-year MTech degree in Computer
Science and Engineering in 2008, receiving the Bimla Jain Award for best graduating female
student. She began her professional career as a prominent technical member of VMWare’s
pioneering Cloud Computing team, following which she joined IBM Research in 2009. At IBM
Research, Anubha worked on high-impact projects on IT service delivery automation, before
joining the company’s Smarter Energy Research Group. She then joined Google, where she
worked for 4 and a half years on various critical projects on the Google Cloud platform as a
Senior Software Engineer. As a member and leader of several large-scale software development
project teams, Anubha has worked on direct client-facing and time-critical projects. Now, she
heads RentSher’s technology process and development, aiding the realization of the company’s
goal to make the platform more seamless, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly.

At RentSher, she is instrumental in addressing core tech issues, eliminating bottlenecks, and
driving the development of an easy-to-use digital interface to enhance the customer experience
that the platform provides. Anubha leverages her experience and exceptional expertise to drive
the development of cutting-edge technology solutions to helm RentSher’s platform in new
directions. In the short-term, she is working to create the foundation for a technology-enabled
ecosystem that provides greater functionality and convenience to vendors and customers alike.


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