Arvind Saraf

Founder, Wishbook

Arvind did his high-school from Delhi Public School, RK Puram, Delhi – from where he appeared for
& scored 1st rank IIT Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) & Roorkee Engineering Entrance exams. He
did his B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur. He immediately went for his Masters & PhD in
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined the
recently setup Google India's Bangalore office as an intern in 2004, and then joined Google as full-time
employee in early 2005.

He left Google in April 2008, and along with 2 classmates, co-founded Swasth India – aimed at
providing healthcare for the poor in India. Swasth was one of the first VC investments by Ratan Tata.
As part of Swasth founding team, Arvind was involved in defining the Swasth India & Swasth
Foundation's vision, mission, governance structures, led the development of Swasth's core MIS and
was co-consultant on the project with ICTPH.

He moved out of Swasth in 2012 and returned to Surat, rejoining the traditional family-oriented textile
brand & business, Triveni Sarees. He took the brand online – building a new team & processes. His
initiatives brought about more efficiencies in the traditional core manufacturing management processes,
aimed at better tracking & efficiency, and newer approaches in marketing & outreach. With Triveni's
better-defined vision & mission & improved processes, Triveni expanded into other areas &

He recently founded Wishbook, a company digitizing traditional B2B communication & transactions
in the apparel space, all the way from manufacturers to retailers. Wishbook is backed by Info Edge, the
parent company of Wishbook now already has more than 1 lakh small & medium retailers
in its mobile app, fundamentally reducing the information gap & changing the way they do business.



Future of Fashion Business

Semi-organized retail is very low margin-based, a wholesaler may work at 5-20% gross margin on his selling price and a retailer between 15-30%

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